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> Let's hear about the actual tradeoffs.
Your idiotic provably unnecessary artificial and centrally planned block limit costs 20% of market cap per month. If you can't see that this is a tradeoff, I have nothing to say to you and recommend you seek mental help as your brain appears to be missing.
> the miners need to reach a consensus on any proposed change by the developers.
Miners were signalling for a raise continuously for a very long time, it's part of core dogma that miners don't get to mine and their signaling serves no purpose, they exist only for transaction ordering in the block. Yes, this is a radical departure from the whitepaper, but seeing as it's not titled "Bitcoin; a centrally controlled settlement layer for banking" that's hardly worth taking issue with as the greatest of its flaws.
The truth is, core cultists are simply extremely stupid people who have been fed enormous amounts of outright lies by other extremely stupid people. As evidenced by idiots like you who then go back to spewing them out without actually thinking about the nonsense they're writing.
As crass as it is phrased, >>11843206 is indeed right on the money. The past year has shown that every single thing the BCH fork warned was going to happen when core got its way, did in fact happen. In light of this, people still clinging desperately to that chain are quite literally the stupidest people in the ecosystem without a doubt.

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Majority of the community is not behind btc. Prove me wrong, you literally cannot. See how astroturfing and manufacturing consensus works? Anyone can do it and without a sybil proof signalling mechanism it's just people making unbacked assertions.

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> when proven utterly wrong beyond all reprieve, simply blame reality for your failure.

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