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help a retard out

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>I buy 2k AMP now for $1,7 ($3400 total)
>Wait several months, hoping the price doesnt drop the .96 cents
>Have 10k AMP now
>Price is around $1

How could I have not making money with that?

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No one has time to read your pretentious pseudo intellectual bullshit

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Back in the $1000 EOY timeline

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Coinbase pumped their brakes anyway.

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pajeet speaking about her on telegram when asked, that's all I could dig up
>Aneesh Zutshi, [06.03.18 18:12]
Her consultancy was advising in setting up Ambrosus machinery.

Aneesh Zutshi, [06.03.18 18:12]
such as HR, legal other issues

Aneesh Zutshi, [06.03.18 18:13]
I guess now we have established ourselves probably the contract expired.

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> Those companies have single digit P/Es for a reason

Today this is increasingly the case. Back in Buffets day, stock markets were much more opaque and many stocks traded at prices vastly separated from intrinsic value. Today everyone has instant access to EVERY piece of info related to a company, and are able to buy/sell stock with the click of a button. Markets are incredibly efficient today and those stocks you see that appear cheap are really value traps for one reason or another (obsolete business models, getting bodied by competition etc). If anyone thinks they can beat the market just think this: hedge funds today are using AI to scan speakers at investor presentations and political speeches in real time for positive or negative keywords to gauge sentiment to adjust forecasts in their models--we're literally down to pricing in the published word in real time. And whats hilarious is that even the top guys fall below benchmarks in the long term. If your actually doing something that generates alpha, everyone else will copy you leading to an overcrowded (underperforming) strategy

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