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There is only two alts you should buy.

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Been in since ICO, been a fun old ride to get to here and now finally have a beaut working product. It's only getting better with Link fiat pairing and margin trading.
Kevin is a solid CEO too. He's litterally done this all already with Forex, just applying same principals to crypto.

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If the 30th of May was not enough, Coinmetro has just announced confirmation of imminent Link / EUR.

Regulated, transparent and with three tiered trading views, the exchange is frankly excellent.

Too much FUD around KYC. The people who can't do it are simply retarded, it takes 10 minutes. If you truly are a total ape, there is 24/7 live support to hold your flid hand.

United States of Apetards also complain that exchange KYC doesn't work for them. Yeah fair that's true, unlucky.

The native token, XCM, has also been pumping last few days. Only way is up.

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LINK/FIAT pair imminent on CoinMetro

Are you ready link marines?

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