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You guys think link is gonna dump first before it it pumps?

I‘m thinking of buying more with this new money i made, but i don’t know if now is the time to buy. What do you guys think link bros?

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Hey so i`m researching predicted valuations pf different coins, and it seems like Projections for these coin values are coming out of thin air. Is there any logistic model or equations or really any objective metric i can use to verify or deny That pnk for instance is going x10 in 3 years?

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Thats why trump and /pol/ will lose but /biz/ will make it. We havent forgotten the "old ways" of meme magic we haven't abandoned kek.

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Should I sell my LINK for LINKUP?

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Sorry anon, last time to stack up was with the COVID-19 black swan event, dumping LINK to $1.5. I've been in since September 2017. I don't feel euphoria, greed, FOMO or fear anymore. Just serenity.

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>however i don't see any real profit usecase for being a 1if they don't sell their users data in some roundabout way to evade current legislation
Friend, this is exactly one of Chainlink's more exciting usecases. Telecom providers, phonemakers, phone OS providers, search engines etc. are all sitting on goldmines of data that can't be monetized due to legislation. By using oracles paired with Trusted Execution Enviroments (TEEs) and other data privacy guarantees, it becomes possible to sell and use large datasets without breaching privacy laws. This enriching those companies, and unlocks more usecases for whoever ends up using that data.
>They generate a vast amount of data (GPS, signal quality, blueetoth connections nearby, API outputs when connecting with mobile apps). Remember: the 4th industrial revolution is not only about automatization, but also about monetizing data, they are sitting on a gold mine
This anon is geting there.

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only real link OG's are sub $4 buyers who got atleast a 100 link suicide stack

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I genuinely do not understand why biz cant fathom an additional ontologically chainlink-tier coin.

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Do the math yourself, smoothbrain.
The chart only accounts for a 350m circulating supply, not the remaining held team and node incentive tokens. If you're convinced that the full 1b will never hit circulation (or if the majority of tokens will be locked up as staking collateral in nodes), you can multiply the price by however much the circulating supply is for mktcap comparables.

I just walked you through the method I used to calculate price. At least make an attempt here, goddamn.

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Unironically this, link still useful though, we just wont need a conncept of monetary value anymore with free energy etc

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It seems i cant hear you anon, those x25 gains are in the way.

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>29 LINK is worth 100$

I hold 500 LINK and i paid 100$ for them. should buy more than that. But there was no way i was going to spend any more than a hundred bucks to some random /biz/ shill in 2018. I was too PTSD'd for bitconnect, bitbean, ark and all other shit shilled here.

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i have 500 LINK which i bought at 20cents, theres no way i could spent over 100 bucks to some random biz shill, no fucking way.

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Connect all of the dots fren

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i dont keep up with other coins but do they have these daily partnerships? if they do its certainly not being posted here

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We are going to become millionaires and the new financial elite all because of memes. What a time to be alive.

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forgot mainnet as well, the pump was led by the mainnet announcement, i'd rather not have to way until may 30 for staking to be implemented but if that's the way it's gotta be then so be it

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Just as pol became an echochamber of truths, biz has found the truth as well. Waging away is a waste.

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>30 Link costs 100$

Wtf guys... This is crazy

Im OG Linker, a professional /neet/ for over a decade and I bought 500 LINK at 20cents for 100 dollars.

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when huge LINK pump?

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im going to start learning golang because i love chainlink and no one can stop me

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Like actually
I had a view of the full moon last night, It was like staring into the future.

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