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I know a literal sociopath who may or may not have aids and has sex with random girls all the time. also hyper violent and almost killed someone with a tire iron in hs. he got into crypto in 2018, and i know he has at least 15 btc right now. he has run several scams and 'companies' in a crypto and has stolen seed money even from his own mother that they will never see again.
Just for this reason, and many others i know who own crypto, including much of the posters on this board, im not even mad if it goes to 0. nobody here deserves it.
and this is despite the fact that ive been in since 2017 and made a solid chunk

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swing time?

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Impressive, very nice

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Just sold 100k

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did something happen? I've been absent for a few months.

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Sergey is a fat scammer who is going to cause 1000 Neet suicides EOY

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i dont know why its a hard pill to swallow. you guys have been waiting 8 months now. you purchased the top. i know it seems an eternety and a bad thing for you, but its the way it is. gain some perspective other than bagholders hopium with litle time spent in the market.

unless you are holding alts from the top, there is no reason to be so upset at this reality. you have fucking ages to accumulate BTC and alts real cheap when we hit the bottom range.

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I TOLD you all this would be the start. Token delistings, then 0 volume. this is how capitulation happens. this is the start. another -90% of shitcoins is coming. you all laughed at me in may wheni said they would and look how much they lost already. well i can tell you its not over yet.

This is it. i have been waiting for this to happen.

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What's a retarded number of funds to own in an investment account?

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