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Thanks for the bag friend

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Started accumulating at 12, bought all the way up to 17, knew it was too high at 19, and bought all the way back down to 9. I can clearly tell this is a shake out for weak hands. Not gonna sell for a long time. Feeling comfy. Can’t wait to make it frens.

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Keep coping salty plebbitor

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kek don’t forget property taxes, insurance, maintenance costs and having to mow a fucking lawn every weekend

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Lmfao. I don’t control the robinhood “stories” or whatever. It’s because apple is on my watchlist.

Anyways, I’ve convinced myself. Setting up an auto DCA, into LINK and not looking at any charts, for atleast 5 years...

Wish me luck anons. As always, you guys are the best, and I hope you find something that fulfills you.

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>sold 15k LINK a few days ago
>just bought them all back plus another 100 ETH for free
crypto is so fucking easy when you’re a chad

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>tfw the obscure online kratom shop i use is now accepting LINK along with BTC and ETH as payment for products
>LINK is literally becoming my bank account
>in the not too distant future i'll be able to send LINK directly to online stores for stuff I want to buy, skipping the fiat gateways altogether

Best thing about it is, LINK isn't even trying to be for payments, but like ETH, it's just becoming so big that it can be used for anything

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6 months ago i had 2.5k in crypto
3 months ago i had 5k in crypto
today i have $38k in crypto

im doin pretty good frens

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It's just beginning.

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Bretty gud bro

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Get a Coinbase account, connect your bank and then buy link.

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This is the most comfy thread I’ve ever come across

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Thanks fren

I just like to keep life in perspective, 50% of the world makes a few dollars a day and only has enough to afford their daily meal, and never make enough to save.

99% of the world makes less than $33,000 per year. I got luckly enough to learn about Chainlink and Stocks.

We’re all going to make it at our own speeds. Life is good

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Thinking about putting 100 LINK into harmony ONE convince me /biz/

Thanks in advance frens

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Never ever ever ever selling. I will shoot my dick off before I sell. 917 LINK that I will never sell.

Remeber frens, 1 LINK = $81,117

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Hi Frens,

Long time /biz/ lurker here. For the longest time, absolutely nobody new about my lurking of /biz/ and I was deeply ashamed to be part of this community of degenerates. I started lurking /biz/ in 2016, accumulated 3,000 LINK and a few ETH.

Normie season is upon us. I know because for the longest time Nobody and I mean nobody knew of my ETH or LINK holdings, now that the network has progressed I am starting to “shill” LINK to my closet freinds. The cat is out of the bag.

I used to feel shame for holding LINK now I feel pride, also Tesla is at fucking $1,500.

The normie money will rotate over to crypto like it did in 2017/ early 2018. Get ready

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It will be over $7 next week. Mark my words.

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I’m already up $1,000 so good timing. Tbh I want the price to dump so i can aquire more. Still only making 2.5 LINKs per hour.

I’m looking to be making 9,000 LINKs per year in the near future

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>hyperinflation hits
>cup of coffee goes to $15
>chainlink goes to $15

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I only have 760 Link. 40 Link now costs $200. I make $15 an hour.

Am I priced out? Will I make it?

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