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Find a hobby. This is something that WILL NOT make you money.

For me, it's fitness. It's complete vanity but I still love it.

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I sell "coin grab bags" basically collectible coins that are selected at random and put in a bag and sold at a fixed price. Think of it like buying a paydirt bucket

for example, a $50 grab bag would contain
>1 slabbed, graded coin
>5 pre-1964 US silver coins
>5 foreign silver coins
>5 banknotes of some significance
>30 other coins of some numismatic value(random)

And then alongside that I have a whole page for affiliate-enabled products, such as 2x2 cardboard flips, the redbook, magnifying glasses, gloves, pouches, rolls, microsocope, things like that. I don't think any of them will be affected.

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SPCE 2/21 24P
>SPCE 2/21 24P
SPCE 2/21 24P
>SPCE 2/21 24P

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