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>Chainlink is about to moon
>dumps 2%

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Take your head out of your ass bro, we're just having a laugh at you retards. No one wants to buy your cube or whatever the fuck. Lmao a green cube, fucking retards. You got enticed by a geometric shape in a primary color, like a fucking toddler. You don't even know what the token does, because no one knows, because it does nothing. Get real.

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thats actually high compared to the last month

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>nearly a decade of experience in Visual Basic
my sides holy fuck
best bait fud I've seen in a long ass time

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>the buying pressure

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Blew passed the /comfy/ stack threshold

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so you're a fat office faggot that thinks you're mentally gifted because you lose money buying street shitter coins?
Your faggoty little "call" would just end up with someone else asking admin guy what's up and he says whatever he wants and they never talk to you or your man tits ever again lmao

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seriously go back you absolute gorilla of a nigger
you can't even type a single non-pozzed response holy shit

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Aleph is just the next gay ass OCEAN/Golem/insert next pajeet scam here
iExec is the only crypto backed by the AMF (EU SEC), and they're expected to clear SEC approval soon (Gilles applied ages ago, before the XRP bs even)
>plebbit spacing
>le edgy
>doesn't even know who's in the pic
just rope now gaping newfag

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>You are bit stupid dude no offence.
you didnt detect the irony in my post and you lack self awareness to such an extreme degree that you call someone else stupid. goddamn you are actually a retarded faggot.

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hello army of shills and bagholders
do you take pleasure in baiting newfags into buying this shitcoin like you yourselves were baited?
how does feel buying an ATH and getting rugpulled to 50% of your initial investment in a matter of days?

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New prediction.

OP ropes himself within the week. Everyone set your alarms and come back to look at this project.
You'll all be in tears laughing.

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400 end of week

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Its gonna be so funny watching erc20 tokens die as their volume becomes more and more stagnant from people moving over to BSC coins.

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Remember to set sell limit orders for all your coins just in case they tank

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>using euros

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buy again now

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someone is not done accumulating

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*breathes in*

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