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How do I get my nigger tenants to pay up end of the month? 100+ IQ answers only. The majority of you shitcoin peddlers can fuck off somewhere else.

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Did you get shaken out before the greatest bull run in crypto history? Miner’s are close to capitulating for the 3rd time since previous ATH. This has always heralded the end of the bear market. Did you really think BTC was dead, again? Kek. If you’re still holding or buying you have already made it. In a short while the headlines will read “BITCOIN RALLIES DESPITE WORLDWIDE ECONOMIC TURMOIL”. This will be the spark that gets the normies flocking back. Did you really not trust in Satoshi? Fools

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Crypto is finished. You’ve got 40 mins till we close below the 200 week MA for the first time ever. The next week will see BTC down to $3500, the end of the month will see $500 BTC, and of the year unironically $0. It’s over, the experiment failed. Get out while you still can.

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Don’t sell. Hold. This was always to be expected with the halving so close. Remember, volatility is good. It went down, it can easily moon to $20k overnight. If you can’t take it now you would never have lasted in 2017.

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>mfw a 270k stack is considered a larp

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I own 2,000,000 LINK.

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I need my best TA interns on here to give me detailed analysis of where my fat stack of linkies is heading.

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We got Trump elected President. What have you faggots done?

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Whale here. Since I like /biz I’ll let you in on this insider information. Link is hitting double digits within a month. This bear trap is designed to shake out nulinkers. Whales are going to be pricing out most normies with the next movie. 1000 link will become the new make it stack, 100 for suicide.

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I own 20,000,000 PNK.

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I own 20,000,000 PNK.

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I own 20,000,000 PNK.

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I own 20,000,000 PNK.

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I own 20,000,000 PNK.

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I own 20,000,000 PNK.

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I own 20,000,000 PNK.

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I own 20,000,000 PNK.

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I own 20,000,000 PNK.

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I own 20,000,000 PNK.

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Just helped my normie brother in law sign up to the great and exciting crypto exchange “Bittrex”. He’s been monitoring crypto lately and want to put $100 into shitcoins that he’ll definitely cash out every few days for 60% gains. I debated telling him about LINK or the fact that Bittrex sucks but decided against it. The normies are slowly coming back frens. We’re all going to make it.

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I own 20m PNK.

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Try selling, kek

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>tfw you own 400k link that cost you $50k
>tfw when $50k now gets you a measly 18k link

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