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Lads SQQQ is bleeding me out today. But I know the rugpull is coming. Anyone else sharing this pain?

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Poorfag cope. Anyone who’s poor as an adult is just unintelligent. If you’re even slightly competent opportunities just fall in your lap repeatedly. If you’re stuck in a situation where you cant exploit said opportunities, I guarantee with just a little bit of critical thinking you can look back and see exactly where (you) fucked up.

>t. born poor, not poor anymore

I guess you either have the spark or you dont. Some people are just meant to serve.

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>mfw forget you're not supposed to day "nigger" in public

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I lost all respect for fellow humans. I mean that literally, not in the reddit hyperbolic way. I feel like 95% of people are worthless wastes of matter who do nothing but exist and get exploited by smarter people. I’m really frustrated that I have to walk in the herd just to survive. My idea of “making it” is to gain enough financial independence to move somewhere rural and live a comfy life in nature with the absolute bare minimum of human interaction outside of my immediate family.

This has been brewing a while, but covid dialed it up to new extremes and the jogger shit was the final nail.

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>just migrated to /biz/
>renewed purpose in life
>/biz/ framed by kikes for hacking twitter
>probably gonna get shut down
Its not fair.

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Who here did it? Who are the diamond hands who held on the entire time, unshaken?

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We got bogged so fucking bad bros. Might kms

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Every thread is absolutely inundated with NIO shills pretending to have organic conversations.

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WKHS may get manipulated by kikes, but it will not dump. It will recover. NIO, however, will collapse... and all the shills will instantly evaporate and you’ll never hear about it again.

Remember BLNK? Remember SOLO? Seems kinda similar to this NIO posting, huh?

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