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imagine thinking this bulltrap is the new bull market

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LCI needs to just explode. Back up to $14. I'm ready.

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The stock will soar once Rigosertib gets FDA approval, which could very realistically not happen this year, even though it is very likely to be approved due to the fast track designation. They said they anticipate having a readout of the INSPIRE trial 1H202. There's no actual timeline for FDA approval. Rigosertib does definitely have potential for billions in sales. It is the only drug in the world for MDS once HMA fails and there might be no reason for a patient who would benefit from it to not use it.

But none of that matters right now with the price. Mark my words, it is going to completely shit the bed by EOD tomorrow. Nobody cares about the FL conference. It's just the CEO reading the same powerpoint, which contains promising information, but nothing the stock prices gives a flying fuck about right now. Take profits if you can. I'll be getting back in below .4 for sure.

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