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>Thats the horns all of us have this but due to conditioning and "noise" most don't notice it.

>The Saturn cult is a cult of Lucifer or many other demonic entities. If you make it far enough in the masons, ordo templi orientis, Scientology or many other fraternal orders and have the right connections your invited to learn a new truth.

>ou dont even own guns
you may have to EAT your words in the future
this is my last response to you
you're clearly a malicious agent here to just derail discussion

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>I suspect the reason mandelbrot geometry is so good at explaining reality is because of the nature of light

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>a superluminal system (1+3), observed from a subluminal system (3+1), would look as if the particle was moving like a spherical wave, leading to the famous Huygens principle (every point on a wavefront can be treated itself as a source of a new spherical wave)
it's called "point source"
0 is an interesting "number"

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Will LINK's price ever stabilize? Or will it swing from 0.50 cents to 5.00 repeatedly for the next 50 years?

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>our brain constructs a single image from two eyeballs and projects this hologram outside and we perceive "geometries" but we fail to understand that there is no such thing as a simultaneous "geometry" due to the fact that what we are seeing with our vision (light) is a projection that has built-in delays (depending on relative distance to your eye) that our brain compensates for in order to construct a single image where you have depth-perception and can track motion

tidied the explanation up a little better

^does this light cone make more sense now in the context of what I've been explaining?

furthermore, light is a "point source" in much the same way that ripples on the surface of water emerge from a "point source"

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since we're sharing music:

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>The private corporations that are trying to build a black box quantum computer in their labs are unable to achieve true quantum processing. This is because they fail to appreciate the subtlety involved in having continuous quantum coherence without de-coherence taking place when you "read" and "write" to the computer.

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>One may ask, in particular, what it is about a measuring device that allows one to ignore the fact that it is itself made from quantum constituents and is permitted to be treated entirely classically. A good many proponents of the Copenhagen standpoint would take the view that while the physical measuring apparatus ought actually to be treated as a quantum system, and therefore part of an over-riding wavefunction evolving according to U, it would be the conscious observer, examining the readings on that device, who actually reduces the state, according to R, thereby assigning a physical reality to the particular observed alternative resulting from the measurement. Accordingly, before the intervention of the observer's consciousness, the various alternatives of the result of the measurement including the different states of the measuring apparatus would, in effect, still have to be treated as coexisting in superposition, in accordance with what would be the usual evolution according to U. In this way, the Copenhagen viewpoint puts consciousness outside science, and does not seriously address the ontological nature or physical role of superposition itself nor the question of how large quantum superpositions like Schrödinger's superposed live and dead cat might actually become one thing or another.

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