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Link will reach new ath in few days

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We'd be at $50 if crypto reach ATH again

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Until end of year

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Hey anon, I've been making those link/mcap charts since 2018. Your pic in OP isn’t a ‘New version’, it’s a completely different chart.

The point of the original chart was to put *realistic constraints* on the price of link. That’s why we assume the mcap/rank distribution stays the same, and that’s why there are little notes written like ‘this is more than the GDP of japan’. It’s to put things in perspective - to try and be think critically about the price of link and whether or not certain prices are realistic.

The point of your new chart is pure hopium. You just cranked the y-axis up to Link achieving FORTY PERCENT- dominance, and showed all the values in between to make it look legitimate. You pulled the % BTC dominance adjustments completely out of your ass. If you’re making a chart like this, I think you want to do as *few* assumptions as possible, and let viewers make adjustments based on their own thesis as needed - not bake in all of your own unfounded assumptions.

If you really think a ‘% dominance/mcap’ chart that goes up to link at 40% of all crypto is informative, by all means make one. But maybe try to make it look different, and not call it a ‘new version’ of the chart?

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If link becomes top 3 some pretty fucking crazy valuations are basically guaranteed

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Is a link price of 25$ basically guaranteed? Selling below that seems retarded

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Anon, I...

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Serious answer anon: chainlink is one of the most promising projects in crypto. Tons of anons bought in 2017 to 2018 and now we are just bored and shit posting and fudding our own investment. Learn to use warosu and read all chainlink threads, read infographics, and learn about the project. You should be accumulating as much as possible below 5$.

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We know 1000 eoy is a meme but realistically how high can we go. I think 20-25$ is the ceiling, there’s no way memecoins are gonna really hard while coronavirus is fucking the world economy

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It’ll go to 20$ for fucking sure m8

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Realistically, how high can link go this year? I don’t even think BTC will break its ath this year. Does that mean we can’t even break 15$?

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Why do you want to cash out anon?
I get hedging with stablecoin but why cash out?

The world will be built on blockchain and smartcontract, and you're already in it. As it matures you'll be able to spend money with it (actually you can right now). I know I'm not using my crypto until then, it's side money for me.

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We know anon. 1000 eoy is just for meme energy. Top could be in the 50-100$ range though.

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100$ seems possible within 18 months but that’s a best-case scenario imo

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1- on second column it consiers that BTC at porevious ATH was 36k$
2- I faail to understand the difference in mcap between the ranks, it makes no sense at all, so they are saying in this chart that the difference between the 11th rank and the 1st it's always going to be of a magnitude of 100??

what justifies the gaps between the ranks? chainlink price could vary just by a cent between each rank and it would be still viable...

this is so fucking retarded, i could put chainlink at 10000$ at rank 1 and 0 everywhere to keep the total mcap,
or i could put chainlink at rank 1 at 360$ and just substract 1 cent each rank under it...

who makes these kin of charts? pajeets? some guy literally took the time to make this with color an all, and its just plain bullshit?

who falls for this shit?

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15$ in the next 6 months seems pretty reasonable desu

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What do you think op

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Using this as a rough guide, what price do you chainlink hitting eoy? I’m thinking 15-25$, then maybe 50-100 in 2021

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It sounds absurd and highly unlikely

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when will we reach 1000+ dollars?
is this chart accurate?

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