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I have net+ but most of these certs are garbage (even the "gold standard" ones) as they go over so much redundant and unnecessary information that you'll never actually use in the field. I've considered going for them anyway for boomer hiring managers but I'm learning so much more just doing home lab shit.

I can be charismatic but I'm young and look even younger so people don't immediately respect me until I show them I'm not falling for their middle school antics. I was told IT was great since college bums got JUSTed by globohomo.

Will consider, cloud shit is the future. I understand networking enough, it's not my specialization but I understand how it all works. I spend 90% of my server time in linux so I can work around bash pretty well - I virtualize my Windows server VMs with KVM. Python is in progress but it's difficult to split my time between all these subjects so it's lower on my list.

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Why is it always absolute mongoloid retards that get huge windfalls of cash

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Imagine being from a generation that had the absolute peak economic opportunity ever afforded a human being on this planet and begging for your child who is now growing up in their second economic depression in less than 20 years for money to remodel your bathroom. The only way this could be more degrading is if OP doesn't even own his own home yet.

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i lold hard at this one bro

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Considering it, since I see the same thing happening but I already have a sizable amount of my account in Intel and SLV calls and I don't like to have so much of my account in options and is a more risky play than the 2 above.

I'm still unsure if I should hold my Intel contracts until closer to Aug 7th or unload them at the first pump correction this week. I have a 52 strike so they could go itm fairly easily if it recovers like it should but anything could happen in 2 weeks.

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Who /mostly cash/ gang?

(Except for those positions you're down on and waiting patiently for an exit)

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Is there any platform/wallet I could use to instantly trade bitcoin to ANY address I wanted to? I keep trying to withdraw money from binance to deposit on roobet for funsies. But binance does not support this and I am not able to make the withdrawal. I don't want my bitcoin in a crypto-giants' hands, I want to be able to instantly trade my BTC. What do I do/use? Nominex seems like the next best option. I was looking into wasabi wallet also. Any suggestions?

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are there any feasible means to buy large amounts of crypto on a new account? I started a new coinbase account, and my limit is $5 with my debit card. I'm 18 and still live at home so I can't provide a proof of address like my name on a water bill

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It was the one and only time. Serves me right. I hate the site and only used it because work forced me to. This week I started scrolling though the home feed to unfriend people, saw this one post and got fucked for opening my yam.

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I hate my job and I hate cold calling so fucking much holy shit 200 calls a day fucking kill me

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capitalism is a fucking joke
im 20 years old without a degree making $20/hr and my entire resume (which i made with the fucking default indeed.com template) is 3 fast food cashier jobs. they would’ve thrown it in the trash if it wasn’t for my friend who worked there for a year and made friends with people in HR, hiring managers, etc
im too stupid to invest properly and i know for a fact im not going to be able to save enough money for a decent amount of precious metals/guns/ammo/land/food before the impending boogaloo
as grateful and happy as i am that i can pay all my own bills and save a few nickels every paycheck whereas all my peers are still in the process of incurring six figure debt for a worthless piece of paper, this shit is still torture and i contemplate suicide daily
it’s actually fucking mindblowing how much of your time and energy the (((((((corporate)))))))) world saps from you. i thought 15 hours a week of undergrad nonsense was bad
im gonna do the god damn best i can with the opportunities ive been blessed with but i still feel like i have no future
i just want to live off the land lads

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this except it’s the training bootcamp at your first corporate slave job
>that shinybald late-30s QUIPPER who will not stop making some The Office-tier remark any time anyone says ANYTHING in a horribly obnoxious SNL-tier baritone lispy gay dude voice
>>”dont tell ME what to do!”

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you're fired

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Those of you with jobs, what do you do? How soulcrushing is it? Be honest plz

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Better, un-fresco version

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You’re on thin ice fresco, pajeet has offered to do your job for half the pay and I would get a bonus for a diversity hire. Tell me again why would should keep someone around with a Monday attitude 5 days a week?

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Lose that Monday attitude Fresco you are on thin ice!

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>Hey anon, join us in 'bobbing for apples'!

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You know, sometimes I get the feeling that this job is nothing more than a paycheck to you.

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