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you tell me

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We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism, OP.

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Would it be a good idea raise my credit score by taking out a loan and paying it back on time?
I have a 750 credit score, and pay my car, rent, and credit balances on time. I am going to get lasik surgery in the next six months which will cost around 5000 dollars. My insurance will cover 2500 and I can easily pay for the other 2500. I was thinking about taking out a 3000 loan from my bank for the sole purpose of establishing more credit history. I know I will take an initial hit to my score because of the loan, but will the additional good history raise my score enough to justify the 200 in interest I would pay?

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Has anyone ever considered how much money there is to be made with buying online and returning to a store with a higher price? I routinely see deals online where due to coupon codes or temp sales there are items being sold for a third of what they go for in a brick and mortar store. Granted most of these stores will only give you store credit if you return without a receipt and they limit you to three returns in a three month period. However if I were to switch between kohls, walmart, and target I could easily do three returns per month at one store and rotate per month. Assuming the item costs 100 online and 300 in store that's 900 in store credit a month. You normally lose about 10 percent when selling gift cards online so let's call it 800. After the original cost of the three items that brings me to 500 a month. That's an extra 500 just to order shit online and drive to the store to return it. Shit even if I didn't want to go to the store I could easily offer a friend 100 dollars to do the returns for me.
Someone please tell me where the downside is here?
>you won't find deals like that every day... I do find deals like that every day, but I only need three a month.
>what are you going to say when they ask you why you're returning the item... it was a gift and already have one

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