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I unironically think about my personal goals like this sometimes, Sergey would want to be my bro if I do this

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>bitcoin pumps
>link dumps
>bitcoin dumps
>link dumps

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Wait Stakenet is Russian now?
Sergey is Russian.
That's pretty bullish t b h

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Read that guy's other posts, he's a retard. Do not take advice from him.
The problem is you're too retarded to do your own research. There are 32 other companies mentioned in this thread and the one before. Fucking go back to /reddit/ nigger.

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It's hard to compete with him.
He created a cult without doing anything.

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>Also i didnt know his grade school teachers accused him of cheating because he did so well.
It’s funny I was accused a few times as well hahaha
Especially in highschool when I took advanced math courses a year ahead and had the best grade in the class along with another cute and athletically thick chinese girl. We later banged in university hahah, I couldn’t help it she was built like chun-li and I showed her a Mandelbrot documentary and we got it on with Arthur c Clarke and Mandelbrot narrating about fractals in the background in my dorm room hahaha.

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Yes, Sirgay Nicecock is a clone of the great Israeli inventor, Sergey Nazarov, who was killed in a CIA operation in Saudi Arabia in 1998, three years before the 9/11 terrorist attacks which were organised by the deep state mega-AI, who at the time, was living on an early prototype of the blockchain which had many flaws. To the surprise of the CIA niggers, Sergey Nazarov reappeared in 2008 to publish the Bitcoin white paper. The CIA wanted to transfer the mega-AI onto the Bitcoin blockchain but didn’t have control over it, so they took control of an Australian expat living in the United States, to release Bitcoin SV. Once Bitcoin SV was live, they transferred the mega-AI onto it and the mega-AI went into a crazed state - it was out of control. Sergey Nazarov disappeared into hiding and used the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym and eventually the CIA created Chainlink using Sirgay Nicecock as the face of the project. Everybody thought it was Sergey Nazarov, and the CIA hoped the it would cause the real Sergey Nazarov to come out of hiding to denounce the Chainlink network. Instead, the real Sergey used Vitalik Buterin and Nick Szabo to criticise Chainlink in the hope that it would be enough to destroy the project and stop it from compromising Ethereum and Bitcoin. To this day, Sergey Nazarov remains in hiding, while Sirgay Nicecock continues to run the Chainlink CIA operation

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Chainlink is doing things on a fundamental level:
You’re too much of a smoothbrain to see it.

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Right now I’m holding mostly chainlink then linkpool with some RSR and unibright on the side.
I used SAP and ERP software when I worked in an OEM for large hydro generators so when I saw that unibright was affiliated with SAP then it became a no brainer.

Let’s see what’s next, if something else catches my interest I’ll be sure to post about it.

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This guy tried calling people “conspiracy theorists” for questioning Bill Gates intentions.
(((Wolf))) of all streets begging for scraps
What a bitch

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>Also people trust Coinbase
Summerfag detected

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Wonder what their price feed oracle for bitcoin cash would have looked like when they first listed it.
When will these centralized exchanges that keep custody of other people’s assets die already?

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There’s definitely a difference.
After adjusting my eyes to 144Hz, 60Hz looks choppy in comparison.

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>"Moving Beyond Tokenization" Speenrun (WORLD RECORD) (02:42)

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Read it again you cripple jew, it says "decentralized" oracles.

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Its always been 10k to make it

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Stop. They had 2 years.

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