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Are you awake americans? When NOK pump?

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just throw your money into arkk/tsla and don't touch it for 10 years

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>paper hands
you should stop FOMOing memes

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BB is recovering, I repeat, BB is recovering.

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Please no not you, stop this CLF genocide. I really want to sell my bags with at least 1 dollar profit. Can you go on vacation or something?

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They will probably wake up soon as well, so once they dilate they will probably be back in full force.

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bump to try and help OP

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OP, don’t sell them yet, until Kraken delists XRP. Then no more US will be able to get theirs

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henlo female broker? 10,000 shares of roblox at market price fren!

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SIRS i encourage U kindly look LMFA minutely chart please do the needful kindly time is now to get in

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fuck I'm just going to FOMO right the fuck into ABML against my better judgement, green means green right? I'm doing the planet (and hopefully my bank account in the long run) a favour

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let's GOO GME
(just let me buy some more)

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Cool cool, have a nice evening then. I hope she lets you put it all in into her sto.. I mean have a nice evening. Over and out.

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nigger day is over

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Thanks frens, I’m on a confrence call with Turkey right now. They told me to buy more....

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Hello /biz/, I want to multiply my money 2x or 3x with BTC, I don't need much, maybe 2 or 3 thousand quid, tell me, will BTC go up or should I sell? I'm not trading on margin, and I'm up, but I'd rather not lose money. Thank you anons!

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I'm right here fren

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based 4500 club

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Yes henlo Hell, plz direct here

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Guys seriously sell all your GME.
There is an Anon that really needs you to sell so that the stock isnt up today,he sold many naked GME calls and now owes 700.000$ or more.
Do the right thing.

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Optimistic rollups suck, they are complete dogshit compared to ZK. Synthetix taking the easy route to implement a solution that is already obsolete is a significant red flag.

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Hodl a lot of ETH, and still fear this is the case. Being gay wouldn't necessarily be an issue, aspergers is a given and a positive, pedophilia is the serious worry.

God help him.

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