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Yes it’s a good read
When he talks about how he repaired his spine and about the variety of cultures describing similar attributes to the same astrological object it gets interesting. Also when the author links it to Moses.

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The geometry of time is bounded by the speed of causality (aka the speed of light)

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I agree. I saw the same in my shroom trip. I first saw link in dreams several times. Link will be its own adjective like google. (Did you chainlink it)

Stay based. Stay blessed fren

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>This is when you'll suddenly snap out of the delusion.
>Opening our eyes, you'll return to 4 white walls in the 1990s with guards unlocking the door ready take you for our daily electroshock therapy.
>One friendly guard looks remarkably like sergey
>You nod at fellow "marines" in the canteen, drooling and rambling something about an oracle and a revolution.
>A worker smiles and helps you to your seat.
>She gives you your favorite toys, a blue cube and a rubber frog.
Based and 12 monkeys-pilled


It’s all just a (((frame of mind))):

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>the collective unconscious surrounding chainlink is too strong, i shouldn't be saying this but if you connect to the orb of 42 you will face consequences

Room 237
Room 42

> In the film, it was changed to 237. ... The Timberline's management asked Kubrick to not use room 217 as they feared guests would no longer want to stay in that room once the film was out, and so room 237 was created, as there's no such room number in the hotel

Sounds like a convenient cover story for the real reason Kubrick changed the room number.

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Room 237 = Room 42

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