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Tulsi or bust if you gotta vote for the D. Maybe Yang for the hilarity. Bernout sold us down the river for a pat on the head.

I start my weekend drinking early. Don't judge me.

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There are less than a dozen pink wojacks on the front page. We haven't had a proper Wojack Cascade since October. Capitulation hasn't even set in yet. We're heading to 4.5k, easy.

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Above average. They're a chink exchange that has shown that they're willing to operate in the grey zones of the law as long as they think they can get away with it. Only reason they shut down referrals was because there was the threat of heat coming down on them. Their KCS dust payouts are in a similar grey zone.

I've done some business with them but I never leave my coins on the exchange for long. If the SEC or similar governing body even glances in their direction, expect them to be the first out the door.

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