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Cant we just pick a reasonable coin and pump it together like GME and reddit?

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Wait for a dip, they always come. Even though some might argue that this is the dip. Right now is the perfect time to buy small amounts and feel how the market reacts. You see what you wanted to invest in? Buy only a third of that. Don't risk it all and measure your exposure.

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>copypasting from my old thread
the absolute state
We're mooning still so I forgive you but don't do that again

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I'll have to once again apologize for giving you false information as the price is now 0.00515233 USD

Why is this market so retarded I wonder

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If bitcoin had been invented in the year 1900 would it have survived the first half of the century?

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how do shield yourself from dollar crash by buying crypto tied to dollar?

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>always do the opposite of what Jews say

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Only on coinbase

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Why are there so many people here now acting like there was absolutely no fuckery going on with GME and that people were just stupid for thinking it was gonna go up? Obviously anyone that aped into this with their life savings is an idiot, but you can't blame them for genuinely thinking it was gonna go up, because it absolutely was until they started pulling all the stops and shutting it down. Some people literally had their shares force sold and trading has been set to sell only and you're telling me the price going down is completely fair and legitimate? Has this place become this fucking contrarian that you're siding with the hedgie kikes because some people you think are cringe were among those about to make some money?

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Why would you sell if you "LOST MY LIFES FUCKING SAVINGS" anyway? Seems like a bad decision to me. Might as well hold until the end at that point.

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Why not do a $500 put to lock in the price?

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whats the sewy side stack

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Here's a serious question for you in the know.
I haven't had the opportunity to buy into this rollercoaster yet and I'm planning to pay my admission tomorrow.
Considering all the shills, doomposting and likely short ladders, I get the premonition that tomorrow is going to be a dip.
Should I buy when trading opens or should I wait for a dip before I buy in? I figure I could maybe squeeze in single digits if I'm lucky. All depends on how much paperhanded panic sellers we have here.

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Theoretically what are the chances of some Wall Street fuckery happening throughout the weekend and we don't see moon on Monday? or the meme being dead by Monday cause y'know meme lifespan.

I'm not saying sell btw I'm just saying are we looking at $20 by Monday or $100?

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maybe you have to be insane to make insane gains

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how do i get in early on the next rug pull scam coin?

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a ~35% dip would put us into 25k territory though? so we are currently in a bull trap?

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What are some burger friendly CEX exchanges? Seems like binance is giving round eyes the boot. Is kucoin ok?

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Does anyone else think its kind of gross she is not wearing pants in a store that people eat in?

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So let me get this straight, if a stock goes down to 0.01$, which means it can't go any lower, if you buy at that price and the price goes up to 0.02$ you basically double your money.

What's the catch here? This seems like easy money especially if you buy several 0.01$ stocks and wait for them to go up just 1 cent.

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>buy stock
>portfolio value 10000$
>price down 10%
>price goes back up 10%
>portfolio value 9900$

How is this legal?

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I don't understand fren

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