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What blows my mind is that people that like gold should like bitcoin for it has extremely similar properties. Austrian economic policy built into the code, set supply, low stock to flow ratio, scarcity, durable, transferable(gold blows at this transferring 1M in gold sucks), portable(gold sucks here too because you can’t get out of a country with your wealth without gov sieze) but you get my point. Gold has similar properties because it can’t inflate, tougher 2% every year stock to flow. By 2024 bitcoin will have a lower stock to flow and arguably become deflationary by 2030. It’s strange to me because you’d think that someone who loves gold would also see the similarities in bitcoin seeing they mirror likewise characteristics, but they don’t. These people I believe are just not informed. They aren’t knowledgeable. I don’t respect their opinions and believe their opinions should be completely ignored seeing they aren’t based on fact.

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