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i can't even hold a bitcoin in my hands

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my tummy hurts and i have diarrhea

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my tummy hurts

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> current

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>Tfw there are men out there that get to fuck these girls on the regular while we sit in the house trading shitcoins.

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I'm holding XVS

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But why is LINK dumping?

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everything is pumping but chainlink

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I can only afford 40 link

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>Link will never be 1k EOY

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frens it's my birthday today but the only thing I got was a 50% loss on my portfolio

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Why is LINK now in a down trend? I thought we had seen the end of the dumps

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I wanna sell all my crypto and be done with it

But if I sell I'll have nothing to live for

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It's the first GET IN HERE GUYS MOON MISSION STARTING token I ever bought and it's the last

At least it was only $100...

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This will be short-lived my fren

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Tfw will literally have problems with paying my bills during this bear, unless I get some gibs

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shit dumps 15% per day retard, this is not the bottom. they are dumping 2.3 BILLION tokens into circulation not giving a FUCK who they financially ruin in the process.

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I came in for another comfy LIT thread but people over here arguing over society, renewable energy, overpopulation WTF frens
And Mike you bipolar cunt would you kindly fuck off already

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You do realise that Chainlink will now continue to dump until I decide to sell right?

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>Truck hits you
>As you lay dieing you notice your phone beside you
>it's the bullrun of a generation
>Fade to black

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i will never gonna make it right?

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I'm tired of fucking losses, please, shill me early stage shitcoin to make quick x2, so I feel fulfilled. SAVE ME!

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>media tells me to be sad and mad all the time
>everyone is getting rich but me
>when to college, degree hasn't done fuck all but put me into debt
>forced to settle for overweight whales online
>if she is thin, she has 6 kids and face tattoos
>only opportunities are to stay at my dead end job or take a 50% pay cut for maybe a chance at promotion in a few years
>best friend turned out to be a sociopath who has destroyed any confidence or belief i've had in myself
>always thought i was doing the right thing but now seems like that has flipped my life upside down
had a lot of promise in high school-- dreams, gorgeous girlfriends, a bright future but now life feels fucking over. legit have nowhere else to go.

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