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even better

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No, fuck you. I don't care if it goes to zero, I'm not selling; a captain goes down with his ship.

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+4% on my oil today
It was a good day.

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money fag here

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OP I’m also a rich kid, and a first world one. I have no idea what trust fund means, but I’ll tell you what I did.
>drop out of high school
>piss everyone off
>join the army
>pass high school tests without any tutelage, learn to teach myself
>learn to code
>work as a wagie in fast food, then proceed to work in bistros to save money for college. In my spare time tutor kids.
>learn Russian
>literally go there to study
>study so well that they give me a scholarship.
>noticed by senpai professor and now work for him doing some STEM stuff
Yea I’m a 24 year old freshman but it was worth the 5-6 year detour compared to the usual college kid. You have to create challenges for yourself, it’s retarded but that’s how you shake your mentality and learn to strive. Go work in a kitchen.

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Buy XMR.

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Present, my esteemed colleagues. Do continue, and has someone seen that damned good-for-nothing janitor? He's supposed to turn away browns like >>29769494 at the door. I do say, this comment has offended my sensibilities and I will simply not stand for it. Why do we pay him what we do if this is the quality of work we receive in return?

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Posting pictures of literal diarrhoea in scammer threads. Do the needful my good sirs. Also I wish all honest anons long life and massive gains, WAGMI.

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You can only post ITT if you have 0% in BTC, LINK, or ETH (beyond needed for gas fees).

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A chad swinger

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You may post in this thread only if you are a swingie chad. What’s it like living on the edge, anon? Enjoying the high risk, high reward lifestyle? HODLers BTFO

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Thanks OP for your sacrifice. Now I’m gonna buy every property near your house and rent them to niggers. Enjoy.

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Preferably on Binance

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I live off of dangerous gambles, scam investments, and a future of financial ruination or unholy greed to satisfy my desired lifestyle. If you acquire financial stability, it means you aren't trying hard enough.

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Incredibly based

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lol i worked 12 hours a day studying in stem and then worked 12 hours a day working in stem, now im rich cause i invested 75% of my income in crypto while living like a monk, stay poor wagie

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that probably costs $100mm in DC

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So how much did you make from these Reddit shill cucks?
Only made about $300 profit in total.

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You sound pretty mad faggot. There are no ebil redditors invading the board. It's anons trolling each other. This board has been leddit incarnate for the past few months anyways. Now jump off the highest building in your vicinity.

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>drive uber eats
>eat some of their food
>save money on food while earning

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give it to me straight, can rubic 50x in the next couple months?

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>never read the white paper, not even a peep
>still have my entire networth in LINK

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60% BTC
30% ETH
5% EWT

This is the big boys holy grail, if you do not have a BIG BOY portfolio then I recommend/agree that you should take more risk, the ratios and holdings should be very different

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