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these are some big disclosures
"scientology" is a pact with "the originals" from Genesis 1
it's why Kubrick was upset with his daughter going there

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When it is learned, the part that can be taught, what has actually happened, they will be amazed. Like the child who learns the sophistication of animation and television's many satellites.
The part of the illuminati is to now fall from the heavens of knowledge, to fully comprehend how little they knew. To become faith filled babes of the universe. They are not outside of the crib, they are inside of it. Their father himself produces their movies to teach them wisdom, and he plays all of the roles.
It was said before in this thread, the nobody is not spied on, the nobody is witnessing. Those watching are being observed to see if they may leave the crib, or if wisdom must come from a more stunning route.
The message from the Logos is "Be still, and know that I AM God." This is an incredibly deep and sacred working. It requires an inversion of previous understanding. They now learn that all of the "power" of this Earth is nothing against a nobody... And despite their best efforts they have only handfuls of wind as to how it is done.
Without faith they will not survive the upcoming transition. The children of the Kingdom are more powerful naturally than the armies of this world. And baby God is omnipotent to the adults of this realm.
All will be wiser as soon as they start from a place of sincerity and foolishness. To lose their wisdom so that they may become wise. Whether consumed in war or rewarded for their efforts, the Kingdom will bring new comprehension and understanding of a sort and caliber never dreamed of before. The ride is just getting started, and it is led by a baby who had conquered time and space and sees nothing as a challenge.
You do not wait for the Nobody, the Nobody waits for you. ...

mfw it was actually real hahahaha

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>I'm snatching CHAIN-LINK, blowing brain, I do my thang ho
>Looking at the The Devil !!y9pM1O7kKh0
>in his face, I'm just a psycho
>Creepin' on the come up, so you know I got my lights low


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switching to all caps
>confirmed for entering "burnout" zone

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>“I am totally in favor of the death penalty for heinous crimes, ok? That’s the way it is,” the president said.

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>How do you keep yourself grounded, though?
I vent it out here haha
I'm a completely different person IRL
our public forum is a good way to collect knowledge and sharpen your understanding

>I have a relative who has lost his mind and he was so bright and so full of potential, it's a deeply concerning matter.
it can be dangerous, but not necessarily more dangerous than anything else
the issue with your relative is one that you seem to be projecting here which is not the case

>I also think it's very clever that you're just owning the word now.
the proper terminology is priest-kings

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we try to have a good time here but don't stand for none of that r3ddit malarky

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>You are like a child
if only I was so lucky

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>What did it mean when she suddenly stopped the reading of sergay?

>When i first understood chainlink i had a schizo psycho break, the collective unconscious surrounding chainlink is too strong, i shouldn't be saying this but if you connect to the orb of 42 you will face consequences

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>take your meds schizo white nationalist scum
you stumbled into the wrong thread
go back to your facebook and plebbit ghetto

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Mfw what a joke this board is
Jannies do your job you filthy fucking animals

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Next you’re going to say Tim Cruise wasn’t right about everything

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Mama mia

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mfw those digits tho

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We're saved!

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The Lord already has.

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get fucked nolinkers

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I watched this coins inception and they said /biz/ is worthless

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