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>... i don't know anything about anything, just tell me which horse to gamble on ...

next, once you get half a brain about crypto shit, then you'll begin to see which projects are sound ideas with promise, and which projects are 90%-99% bullshit.

then if you want to actually have a chance at success, you need to play a higher-level game and start building instead of just gambling.

you need to join projects, not just buy them. you need to develop yourself to the point where you become an asset to any project you join. this will take time but your improvement will be pretty quick and the process will be much more rewarding than passively betting on memecoins and refreshing CMC all day.

you can get involved in some very promising small projects, acquire a modest stack, and then start to advance the project with your own skills. find smallcaps that have good communities and are still getting off the ground, probably 0-24 months old. you can acquire a decent stake of the cap (0.1% of a $1M cap just costs $1k) and then actually help grow the value of that stake.

keep in mind the chance of success will be low for any one project, but the chance of success for a solid project is already going to be a million times higher than that of scamcoins. still, you should get involved in multiple projects, maybe 2-3 per year or so.

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>what does that mean

MAX_TARGET is 115792089237316195423570985008687907853269984665640564039457584007913129639936 always.

miningTarget is 21271526910302486050457981358149075005488413517817103191680580 and grows smaller over time to make mining harder.

The challengeNumber is the block hash or the previous Ethereum block which you can't predict so pre mining is not possible.

You (the miner) calls the MINT on the contract with a random number that you (the miner) pick. You (your miner software such as COSMIC MIner) already tried billions of guesses until it found a good random number, that is important for what comes next.

The contract checks your random number. (You know it is going to work but the contract is checking for proof) It calculate the value of the SHA hash function of "<MINER><MINERGUESS><CHALLENGENUMBER>".

A hash function is going to take whatever you put into it and generate pure random garbage, it turns anything into a random number. But for one input like "lkj23k23234" is going to generate the same random hash everytime, thats why this works.

The contract checks if the value of your hash number is smaller then miningTarget. If it is, you get the MINT (mining event) and the contract gives your Ethereum account 50 0xBTC.

You can calulcate the odds of your GPU guessing the right MINERGUESS, its MAX_TARGET รท miningTarget = 1 in 5,443,525,033,514,841 guesses wich is 5 quadrillion guesses. But a GPU can only do 1 billion guesses in one second so you will never solve a block anymore unless you mine in a pool. Every body in the pool mines together and shares that 50 0xBTC.

There is 50 0xBTC mined every 10 minutes normally. The contract adjusts the difficulty like I said.

There is your proof now you read the contract.

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