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>Can you give us an example of a project you joined, what you contributed, and the amounts you were rewarded for doing so?
>Each of these areas should cover specifically why what you're suggesting is important, how we can benefit from it, and the types of steps we can imitate to realize the same success you've accomplished.

any success i point to will likely be considered larping, but i was a BTC hobby miner in late 2010 and a heavy miner with partners by mid 2011. i am not insanely rich, but i did well. it certainly changed my life.

i joined the Bitcoin community initially because i thought it was important to society, not because i thought i could get rich. that was impossible to know back then. Bitcoin was about creating a technology to help people move their money freely and keep it safe from tyrannical governments, not a scheme to get rich. but when you try to build useful stuff like that, a side effect is that you likely get to own a nice piece of the future.

i was not a Bitcoin developer, but i actually believed in the project, so i did a ton of studying and discussion in forums, learned the tech, and eventually got to the point where i could give IRL talks about Bitcoin and answer 99% of technical questions about it, which i did many times. that was my tiny contribution to building the community.

having done it once with Bitcoin, i learned that the process is repeatable in other communities, and my ability to help is probably 100X what it was when i started out. these days i help with building tools and technical infrastructure because that is where my time is most valuable. i like to work on a few projects at a time. i am not going to shill you a list of the coins/tokens i am involved in now; instead i gave you an overview of my method. anyone could follow it but almost none will.

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>Find me a reason why anyone in the world needs or wants 0xbtc outside of a speculative instrument to get rich off of. Then we can talk :)

It is pretty obvious. People like the way value works with Bitcoin which is that it started at zero and there was / still is a continual auction to figure out what new Bitcoin is worth at the current moment in time. New coins / tokens don't come from a central issuer, you just prove you bought it by proving you spent the right amount of electricity. WHich is why they say Bitcoin and 0xBitcoin have the most decentralized DEX possible. Nobody can ban it or block it because any body can get it from their wall socket if they can pay for the electricity. No body can cheat it.

It opened my mind up to hear them talk about it that way, I never realized it, suddenly Bitcoin and POW makes a lot of sense.

Now for the people that think about it that way, which may be a small group but they may be trend setters, they want to have a store of value they believe in. But Bitcoin is too slow. Its a great store of value but too expensive to transfer. So it's good for buying houses, but, not doing a million smart contract transactions. They might sell 10% of their BTC and buy 0xBTC for smart contract purposes. 0xBTC gives the same POW mining / value advantage they want but also operates with Ethereum contracts at Ethereum block times and at higher TPS and with lower fees.

So it's a good fit for the people who care. Bitcoin used to be the same way. Early evangelists and trend setters.

The next tier of crypto people may care less but they may take their cues from what the early adopters do. Early adopters are giving the coin /token its initial value right now and some initial applications. So the next tier of crypto capable people might follow the lead when they see the future could be good for 0xBTC. It could happen.

Then the very end of the line is "normal people" who will just act like sheep. Which is also 99.99% of biztards.

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