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>there are 16 (sixteen) threads about Chainlink in the catalog right now

R*ddit really did raid this place it seems.

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>Is the President of Link is moving

My sides Rajbinder, you just sent them i to orbit.

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>locked in a smart contract

God you really fell for it LMAO. He's going to give it out to 'node operators' for free then dump his stack when, if ever, this platform even works. Does that fat low energy retard really look like the kind of person who could orchestrate something like this in a non-scam way?


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>we believe in the freedom of being slaved

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>how the fuck is this hoe an influncer?

Because the barrier of entry is almost non-existent.

A company sends you free shit in return of you posting pics of it? Bam, you're an influencer.

Depending on the niche you can have as little as 500 followers and get people to send you free shit.

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To what degree should a government protect its industry from other nations machinations?
There are times when a country, such as China, floods the market with a cheaper product, say steel.
These acts can outright destroy production of said product in other countries, such as the UK.
Do you think the government should step in to protect their economies from such sudden waves, even if it's at great cost?
Would not protecting them result in irreparable damage to the economy?

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My shrimp farm was flourishing until they flew away. Lil fockers had enough I guess.

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we're in recession .... aren't we boys?

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27 y/o going back to school. How do I do this networking shit. Got a BS in Biology seven years ago and didn't know about networking. Currently in post bac for Physics and applying this August for MBA. I'm using army money so cost isn't a factor. I spent the past 7 years as infantry if that helps.

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>27 year old Virgin

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Famous European newscaster

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