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yes, and the US already is the richest nation on earth. the US is the only country on earth without a currency of its own.

Breton woods was created on Jekyll island (the monster from jekyll island) by a bunch of bankers that scammed the US government, they got 2 members of congress to sign the bill while the rest of congress was on vacation.

The nazi's were zionist tools and they wanted to take over the US as well. Israel considers Hitler the father of israel and would erect a statue of him to honor him if it didn't look out of place and ruin their story.

During the great depression the US Defaulted on its debt This bankrupt the nation, it was bailed out by rothschilds and they implemented Social security numbers and birth certificates to everyone afterwards. The government uses its own citizens as collateral, each citizen is worth millions to billions the government borrows under your name.

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You are the financially illiterate one and actually believe this crap.

the US went bankrupt in the 1930's and defaulted.

as a result A new policy went into effect essentially enslaving the entire american population. from that year forward every american citizen was given a birth certificate which is used as bond slavery, the US government borrows money on your birth certificate, each person born belongs to the government and is used as collateral. this is why wage cucking is designed to keep you in a dead end job for years.
You are chattel and chattel are tracked and have no rights.
Your bond is worth billions.

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