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A car is a tool to bring you (and maybe some merchandise) from A to B. Given the fact you have a limited budget, don't look for a tool you like. Go for the low maintenance one. Moreover, you have a dad working there. Profit from him. Ask him which model has the least repairs and lowest gas consumption.

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Since when?

Last month?
Last 12 minutes?

Provide some more information. We need to know what we laugh about...

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Uhm, you do realize that US banks are not allowed to maintain prop desks anymore? And that most Eurobanks had to increase their equity and also reduced their trading activites significantly?

It's not like a gold rush out there, but there is a clear shift towards market fragmentation, since there are no longer such things as "large outfits" ...

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>so only certain ties and only certain socks and shit
> only certain socks and shit
> only certain socks
> certain socks

Hell yeah, I remember my first interview as a junior trader back in the days. It was my future boss, a lady from HR and my poor self sitting in a conference room. The folks went over my CV just quickly and asked some random questions about it, when the boss guy suddenly said: OK, anon. You seem to be qualified and all, but you know, we don't care too much about the mindset and training of our future employees, instead we choose our candidates by the brand of their socks. So would you mind taking off your shoes and show us your toe-garments?

Damn OP, I swear to god, If I wasn't wearing those Burlington's that day, they would've hired someone else. For real.

>N O T !
>N O O N E !
>E V E R !

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>German was highest

That's just Switzerland and Luxembourg distorting your statistic by being really fucking rich.

I am a Swissfag. Every 15 yrs old junior high school fag speaks 3 languages around here. If you want a decent job, better be fluent in 4 or 5 languages AND have a decent college degree.

>marketable skill
>second language.

Lol'd hard. Thank you OP.

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