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tell me incoming crypto bull catalyst events that are not already priced in

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>25% mark up on generic tungsten rounds.

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Can you stop panicking for one fucking day?

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You are fucking insufferable

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Bitcoin needs to be delisted from binance, coinbase and kraken

fucking ancient piece of shit and people manipulating it, ruining altcoin runs

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>popular or low-risk Bitcoin

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>tensions in the Middle East
>another Israeli airstrike somewhere no one gives a shit about
Jesus, nothing really changes until there's a mushroom cloud over Ras Tanura

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Oh no, we're back to the price levels of 12 hours ago.

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You know you're supposed to invest some of your make-it money into anti-aging research, right?

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>It's another "they beat earnings, but not by enough, so the stock dumps" episode
I think I've had my fill.

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>j-just zoom out bro
>implying this isn't the single sharpest drop in bitcoin history

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>White mails

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the 1 percent burn only applies on sells
it was stated on the official page before it got an overhaul
there was never such a thing as buy burn for hoge
jesus not even you know what you are shilling anymore, do you?

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>Now the advent of the Information Age IMPLIES another revolution in the character of money
You ask but he literally explains it

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>We are stronger together anon
are you 12? or female? or what? fucking idiot, if you want to break a nation down (weaken it) the best way to do it is to import millions of foreigners. The only thing you're making stronger is in the sense of an ecomonic powerhouse, but in the age of globalisation that is hardly even necessary.

the nazis (not a nazi btw) didn't need "diversity" to create innovations which changed the course of history and fight of the brits, the russians and the US. the chinese don't need it, in fact they are completely against it. you have a child's brain, which really makes me think you're female. you are a complete dupe.

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I have a job and a masters degree in Business IT

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why tf would anyone actually buy this. Shitty ripoff of wynaut with no yield farming. garbo

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We're about to get fucked hard arent we

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>It's Infrastructure Week
>For the 213th time in a row

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>talking to ugly girl who likes me at work
>blah blah blah ugh I think I need a massage blah blah blah why are you such an asshole blah blah blah

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>don't you want to move some of that into stocks or a bank account, son?

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Guys, there's no such thing as ghost stock.

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