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It will hit $1000 within the next 9 months

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>blockfi 5.5% apy on chainlink
>BTC dumping every time chainlink hits critical resitance / smashes through daily/weekly indicators.
>chainlink twitter personalities frothing at the mouth.
Can you smell what the Rock is cooking /biz/.
Fresh sizzling mouth watering steak is coming to your table.

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Hey OG LINK insider here. Roll trips and I'll post something that you guys have been waiting for. I know you want it...

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t. fellow link maxi

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Fuck that bitch

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Is that we all thought it was too good to be true that we found the diamond in the rough out of all the shitcoins. It’s worse than that.... it’s all true but now the world is irrevocably FUCKED and we will never be able to enjoy our gains.

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Why would you drop out? Atleast finish the college and see whats the LINKs price at that point, if you have +1m you can think of just living off that

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Buy more LINK

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Price estimates for Dec 2021
Chances of if hitting $60 next year?

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First LINK Marine token created on Rari today, the 15/12/2020. It's a strong collector symbol of the power of Biz and the Link Army. The value of it come from the fact that it's the absolute first initiative like this.

Be part of this UNIQUE EXPERIENCE by investing in the FIRST COLLECTOR LINK Marine token. After purchasing, luck and good vibes will follow you.

If you have invested in Link because of BIZ and are part of the LINK army, you need to have this very rare NFT token (only 15 will ever exist). It's more than art, it's a way to belong to the community. It's a way to participate in the FIRST initiative of this kind. It's a way to encourage innovation, art and even investment. And finally, more than that, It's a way to create HISTORY.

Price of the "LINK Marine token" needs to suit the USD price of 20 times LINK price.

With FOMO, it will probably be even more high in the next weeks, so do not hesitate to have yours today. NFT are becoming bigger and bigger. First initiatives will be very valuable. Remember Bitcoin when you compare to Bitcoin Diamond or Bitcoin Cash.

The creation is launched at a discount price of 0,3 ETH. This NFT token is obviously part of the making it stack.

Good luck soldier.


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Back to bear market, and we all what coin performs the best in bear markets

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>Link about to moon
>they pump BTC to kill links momentum

its so tiresome

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And before it was more just to get a rise out of some of you and try and scare you but things are really starting to get real. France and Germany locking down again. There is no end in sight to this bullshit. Masks, vaccines, niggers rioting everywhere. What in the fuck Is going on? This shit is never going to end. What’s the fucking point? I mean I might as well have invested in REQ in 2017 instead of chainlink. We can’t fucking do anything. Everything is fucked and it’s getting worse. Some of you say and even I say that chainlink might save us. Ok, I could see that if we were at $1,000 right now. But the military is coming with their vaccines, and link is still only at 11$. I can’t bargain with that shit to not be hogtied and vaccine raped.

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$13 tonight, $15 tomorrow, $50 EOY. Strap in marines.

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personally im all in , i believe sergey is the 2nd coming of the jesus or the antichrist

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