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Another note is that I havent even told my family how much I've put in, they think I've only put a few thousand in this and they're confident it's a scam.

Please sergey, go easy on me

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>binance is only major exchange to list chainlink
>binance never asked for chainlink team's permission to list it, they have confirmed this
>most coins pay ~$100k to get listed
idk anon, why do you think Binance would list it for FREE when they knew LINK team wouldn't allow it? why wouldn't LINK team want it listed? use your brain fren. or don't and you'll somehow be rich anyway

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Ok since LINK is literally free falling and most likely going to be dead during the Summer, I thought about actually building something with smart contracts and chainlink. So here it goes:

A market where you can "bet" that, for example, a certain famous person will die within 1 month. Now this is highly unlikely to happen, so let's say you bet $100k and you would be ok if the counterparty bets $10k(meaning you will either win $10k or lose your $100k). You could also do this with terrorist attacks or something else. Lets say you "bet" that the jewish community in Ohio gets bombed within 1 month. You bet $100k. If casualties are less than 100, you will get $50k back from the $100k. The counterparty would deposit like $10k since it's again "highly unlikely" to occur.

The way the smart contract would work, is that it will get data throught chainlink from multiple news sites that an event has occured(like bombing, some famous person dead etc). This could ofc be tested first that the algorithm has like 99.99% record of making right decisions based on the news reports api.

Now, the problem is that terrorist might bet themselves the $10k, go do the act and get $100k in my examples. This is not what I intended, ofc. So my question is will I get in trouble for creating such smart contracts? I don't want to get v&.

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I got banned for asking for DUBS. So give me 30 replies and I gibs a loaf of bread. No crumbs.

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Don't sell yet you fucking retard. I sell on the 29th or something

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nolinker here, some appreciated


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