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Much of that is actual token holders executing transactions because they want to pump their bags, so they execute small orders. Secondly, a lot of that is the actual heartbeat network, chainlink themselves running continual orders to "ensure" their network stays afloat, essentially make it a talking point like you have here. We know zero actual people use chainlink because there are NO DAPPS that actually use their service. Zero. None.

And there never will be, because the cost of using their API will exceed hosting costs such as AWS by many, many multiples. If they wanted to become like AWS for information retrieval in terms of cost, they would need tons of infrastructure which I haven't heard a single peep about. Just more useless marketing which devs, shills or however closely related you are to the team, post here.

The idea doesn't make sense. The service doesn't make sense. And even if it were to, the costs, gargantuan as they are, would not make sense for any company... particularly small startups with zero budget. This is why chainlink is so desperate to show some development by other tokens (the infamous MOAB deflationary token tweet) so that they can marketdump some more and continue their marketing.

Lastly, before I finish this proper spanking and send you home, the service you are referring to is just a contract side price query for Ethereum. Useless because I could do the same thing for ZERO cost with this,




Are you seriously telling me you retards spent over 50 million trying to do that? Create something which I can get a link for and execute immediately then send to a contract I control?

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no one can refute this...
its over...

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32 मिलियन ICO और कोई काम करने वाला उत्पाद SIBOS नहीं 32 million ICO and no working product SIBOS, Google या किसी अन्य के साथ वास्तविक साथी नहीं जो वे दावा करते हैं Not an actual partner with SIBOS, Google or anyone else they claim बिज़ पर 30 धागे लगातार, भुगतान किए गए पदोन्नति, मॉड खरीदे जाते हैं 30 threads on biz constantly, paid promotion, mods are bought Oracles एक उत्पाद नहीं है, HTTP की तरह, खुला स्रोत विकसित किया जाए Oracles are not a product, like HTTP, to be developed open source किसी भी दैवज्ञ या सेवा को बढ़ाने से लागत में वृद्धि होती है और देवता अपने स्वयं के खट्टे साधनों का उपयोग करते हैं Tokenizing any oracle or service adds increased costs and devs would rather use their own sourced tools moab टोकन, 700,000 हर पंप पर बेचा जा रहा है, कोई स्पष्टीकरण नहीं moab token, 700,000 being sold at every pump, no explanation

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His Dad wears an expression of approval and almost admiration. "You know in Russia, everything was about scheming and scamming. I almost got sent to the gulag for scamming the entire village outside of Leningrad. Ahh those were the days..."

"I know Dad, but things are different now. America is easy. They're fat pigs begging to be ripped off..."

His Dad responds worringly, "but then the market will respond. If you're not actually doing work what will you do when rumors or "FUD" as you call it spreads?"

"This... is the best part Dad. I found a kleptomatic internet culture, essentially an entire internet board of people to parade around our token and market it for us. When people doubt us, they just say, "didn't read, never selling." They... actually belive it! They just keep spouting off "never selling!" They actually believe it Dad! Best of all, I convinced these idiots that this token was never meant for them and it was built for business to business scaling. That they were never supposed to discover it in the first place."

"Mhm... the same guys you talked to, to give them low prices on the ICO and hold the token so that they could spread it and reap in profits."

"Well, yeah Dad, that's how good scams work, you cut the profit a little bit each way so that everyone benefits. I even messaged the moderators and admins, they're called "jannies" and got them to look sideways for all the paid shilling and corruption, to spread the token further. Things are looking great Dad, I tell ya"

"Hmh, of course, now let's get some lobster and steak."

"You betcha, I already had three today. But first, let me show you where we operate. We're in San Francisco to convince these dumb neets that we're in tech capital and attend different shows. These- thes-these hahaha, these morons... sorry, they promote our tokens through so called "organic groups" hosting their own events. I swear, this is a carnie level of theatricalism."

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Don't forget the others!
Agropacking Solutions (agricultural supply chain management)
AtCash (“trust networks” provider)
bluField (IoT beacon networks)
CashPundit (cash flow management)
Constellation Group (Web 3 venture studio)
Credits (blockchain for dApps)
Crowdz (payments platform)
CyNation (risk assessment platform)
DriveOn (auto insurance platform)
Gravel Coin (gravel supply chain management)
Insolar (blockchain solutions)
Ld8a (database solutions)
LotsApp (agriculture certification)
MaxCentive (incentive platform)
MonoChain (clothes reseller)
North East (data automation infrastructure)
Quant Network (network interoperability)
retraced (supply chain management)
Snapper Future Tech (blockchain solutions)
World Law (court evidence management)

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you know when the sec catches you, you'll be skinned by anons for shilling this garbage.

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delusional stinkers
never forget!

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>I work somewhere differently but trust me its like this guise!

Fucking bullshit. Here, take this partnership announced 2 days ago by GOOGLE, AMAZON, AND APPLE


If you want to discredit that because those are giant names, lets look at Google Partnerships announced in CLOUD, something LINK cant get credit for because THERE IS NO PARTNERSHIP.

Notice how the actual words "partnership" "partners" et al are being used.

Still want to shit on that? Here's 1 the partnering company announced on their page, something LINK cant do


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He inhales deeply then takes out a Cuban cigar. Lighting first a $100 bill then using it light the cigar. You can smell the ashy scent lingering in the room as the smoke drifts up.

"Th-they said... $32 million dollars isn't worth my Oracle solution, that skinny, pedophile, meth, twink vitamin can kiss my neet asshole. when the verizon singular happens, everyone will know...."

"No master, let me kiss your whale 65% ass. Dump it on me. I'll wait for the singularity."

"How about this singularity marine!" He screams as a shit flies out onto your chest.

Retarded delusions creep your mind as the raw gas of his asshole makes your delirious, you prepare yourself for the joy. you pucker up and smooch sirgay's asshole, the sharpie still twitching in your little link boipucci.

"Just imagine all the data being sanitized by reputation, like Uber. No sybil attacks, all ERC20 based."

He lets out another fart and grunts again.

"Another 700k!"

You shout ecstatically, "build that oracle solution, buy that towncrier! hire more devs!"

"I've give you something to cry about" He replies. Once more he grunts again and shits a violent flow of diarrhea, this time getting on your chin and lip.

"Hey man, where's the bathroom?"

"Oh sorry bro! we're jus-just doing a little thing here, we're actually the link conference here, bathrooms are to your right."

"uhhhhhhhhhhh" says the confused onlooker as he quickly scuffles away.

"I'll shill for you Master!" As you cry out, the sloppy heap of shit covering your body as it slides down.

"1k EOY is FUD!"

"No... I will give you the fud." He grunts again and proceeds to let out a gassy fart.

"Another 700k!" He cries out as he lets his sweet, hairy cheeks flap as another shit dumps out.

"Di-di-", the shit overflowing your mouth, "d-didn'... arghhh, didn't read, not selling"

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>this whole thread
>being amazed that a Russian is a Jew
>being amazed that (((Ari))) Juels is a Jew
>being amazed by numbers that all religions have
>babbling about occultism shit because or your ERC coin
>>price feeds will save us

What is wrong with linkoids and how do we get them to go back to their subrebbits?

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will come here every day to laugh at you.

When Sir Gay finally market dumps and flees to St. Petersburg, I will laugh at you.

I will laugh at you, every day until the UN Act of Decent Digital Communications™ in 2030 shuts this Cambodian Fly Fishing forum is shut down.

I will continue to laugh when they release the Comedy/Documentary, "Chainlink, the crypto scam of the century".

I will gather my sons on my deathbed and hold up the autobiography, when Sir Gay releases his autobiography, "My Fight to PAY BACK NEETS - Good for the money".

You guys got roped in by a literal autist fat russian with a background of failed scams and a jew with no proveable work.

This is the lowest level anyone could stoop to. And then, even in the afterlife, I will laugh.

I will go the way of Chrysippus and die laughing at all of you.

~t. someone who never got roped in and told you guys day one

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Pay attention closely, this is the faggot scamming chainlink team and their promoters. No one would suck these retards dicks as hard as themselves. They also shill and shit up every thread that isn't chainlink because they are parasitic cancer. See the organized collusion in obvious false facts? LOOK GOY, THE PRICE WILL BE X AND IT HAS TO BE, JUST HAS TO BE. They're forgetting the team's inepitude, competitors, anti-monopoly clauses, the current cloud of obscurity and the fact that chainlink has ripped and stolen all of its idea, marketing and is used paid promoters. See the message and how they repeat it over and over. It's obviously paid promotions. Who else would defend a shitcoin so religiously? All the time, constantly. The linker cries in pain as he shits up your board and forces his shitty memes down your throat and drags post quality down. Religions work in similiar ways and it's precisely this that is going to have the SEC kick in the fucking doors of their office. They are a cult and they have paid promoters posting over and over. It's like the DNC and Hillary all over again, they're trying to form groupthink here and I can't believe you guys fell for it. When are you fat faggot assholes going to fuck off from this board? Is a few rupees really mean that much to you to scam innocent NEETs of their hard-earned money. Just post the screenshots of Sirgay paying you already and we can report him to the SEC.

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How clearer can I be? You know those threads about DB doing under? Or real estate prices getting slashed in half? /entg/? Halvening price prediction threads? DEX threads? The absolute state of corporate culture threads?

Again, you know damn well that your kind does everything they can to bypass the filters. It triggers you that people aren't interested in buying your token after 2 years. Hence all the "imagine being a nolinker lmao" gaslight threads you've been posting for over a year.
You all like to play the victim because people are being hostile towards you now. You deserve every bit of hostility you get tenfold.
Just post the screenshots of sirgay paying you, we'll take care of the rest. We know it's paid promotions. We know he hustled to sell to anons here for his ICO. Just post the fucking screenshots and we'll unravel, hell you could even make some money shorting it. We all know the nefarious things going on behind the scences; the bribes, the paid promotions, the false consensus building, the shill groups, the scheming, we can see it from here.

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Only one’s salty are the new bagholders. I quite enjoy the LINK threads lately. It’s been fun watching this whole thing play out. If I’m being honest, watching this whole thing unfold, LINK and /biz/ pulled off the greatest con in crypto. It’s almost beautiful when you think about it. You probably won’t see a con like this for a good while and it was great to witness, its inceptions, it’s peak, and it’s downfall.

If I wanted to run filters and bypass certain topics I’d just go to Reddit.

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Based and checked

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>downgraded to ERC-10
The Ethereum Foundation just asked to have LINK migrate to the NEM chain

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Facts. MonoChain will be a key factor as well, using LINK's smart contracts to ensure proper sales with their decentralized blockchain thrift store.
Check out Snapper Future Tech on Google and see the smiling Pajeets in a small conference room, located next door to NEW POONA BAKERY. No, Im not making this up.

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rolling first

69 years

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That one never gets old

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Smart investors are in the gravel businessz

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