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If I either was to kill myself and I did consider it when younger, I find the best way to go about it is:
a) collect all your money, max out your credit cards, stack up
b)go abroad to some shithole where you will be able to live like a king with 1st world money fuck any women you want and become the mysterious wealthy (white) man in the neighbourhood and have as much fun as possible really
if b) was a failure then proceed to c
c) an hero

Why not just let loose and experience the other paradigms? There's so many different lives out there anons

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There are anons who bought at $0.6 or higher last pump.

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it's too much.. /biz/bros...

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I hope you've bought the dip /biz/

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Its safe, what you have to worry about is 3rd party applications that you use to set up your flare drop, if you do it wrong you could allow them to take from your wallet.

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you can win

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Am holding SQQQ and im getting real tired of this clown economy.

There's not gonna be some reverse split bullshit to punish us any further, right?

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Fuck this boring ass market. I wanna see blood

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My SQQQ friends,

I will not sell SQQQ until I have made a profit.
I will not be easily swayed by the number line going up.
I would rather lose money on a reasonable expectation than commit my losses on an unreasonable shift.

This was a nothingburger when the chinese were being barricaded into their houses.
It was a nothingburger when Iranian mass graves were visible from satellite imaging.
It was a nothingburger when the Italians had a military convoy endlessly transporting the dead.
And now its a nothingburger when american deaths sit at 12k with 200k being considered a best case scenario.

I wake up and it hurts, but there are a lot of others hurting a lot more than me.
You wont fool me, green line, i can see right the fuck through you.

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What is your take on BTC following the global economy right now? Do you expect it to continue?

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How long do y'all plan to hold? I realistically see 300 dollars. But 1000 eoy memes are too strong.

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100 000 000 000 RSR

why are you shilling this?

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nah, I would rather start indoor chicken farm

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If you had a busted hard drive containing an unsecured wallet with an unknown amount of BTC mined from a laptop in 2011, how would you trust anyone to do a real recovery job?

Lets also assume that despite getting into this situation, you are now competent enough with computers to have tried most if not all logical data recovery methods with no success

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If LINK doesn't deliver I'm going to kill myself

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>that drop from 6k
i just want the pain to end

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>Reported to FBI for possession of bomb making materials.
yay, maybe they'll contact me and I can make a friend

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>You are second guessing yourself for no reason
I'm second guessing myself because I know the truth. I can put up an ok facade, but what I've done amounts to being a lazy NEET who intermittently works hard from the comfort of his own home on weird niche projects, making money from 100 different things, none of which produce something I can point to and say, "I made this". They're things that anyone could do with even moderate work ethic and an average IQ. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just a bit depressed and concerned for my future as a basically an "old man" (relatively speaking) who needs to break into a young field

It's mostly bullshit that manifests from their lack of experience, youthful optimism, and need for validation, but if I ask the younger guys over on /r/cscareerquestions about my situation, I guarantee you that those late-teen, early-20's cunts will repeat the same old spiel about how it's hopeless at this point and how I should consider getting into a trade like electrical or HVAC, etc.

I'm just having a hard time seeing that objective truth between the two ends of the spectrum if you get my drift

I guess the answer lies, as always, in all of the old cliches; 50% of the battle is showing up, fake it 'til you make it, etc. etc...

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Was fun guys, this was my favorite pic on here and my last post. Hanging myself in 15 minutes

put in 30k in March (life savings) and now I have 2k.. not even worth sending it to my senpai

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Hello /biz/, what's the best way to keep track of domestic expenses and receipts?

I'm losing vision of where my money is going in day to day transactions. I use my money mostly from two banks and one credit card. I used to type everything on the phone, now I'm trying to make a spreadsheet, but I just realize I don't have time to manually take note of all expenses. I'd have to copy paste from bank extracts. I suppose there is no other way though, maybe an app that could help or something.

I'd also like to hear how to best organize it, through spreadsheet models and things like that, where the data should be and how best to interpret it. I want to make it as automatic as possible so that I can have a clear plan for what I can or cannot do with my money. Thank you.

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how are you handling knowing you didn't take full advantage of the biggest scam/get quick rich scheme in history?

how does it feel knowing you will forever be a wagecuck?

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my friend killed himself this afternoon, his roommate stumbled on his body hanging from the ceiling

I introduced him to crypto in October and he became addicted and gambled a lot of his money. I mean a lot. He took out loans and sold all valuables. He wouldnt cash out his initial investment during the bullrun thinking it would go higher. Then december happened.

He kept buying the last few months thinking they were just dips. Now hes dead, and I feel at fault for introducing him to this. I have my own problems right now being down 80%, but that makes this feel real, you know? Thing is he didn't sound too depressed, but would complain about rigged markets from time to time.

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Will shill far and wide my hombre

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