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Holo is nearly 1million times more efficient then eth. it was designed to start with a price 10k times cheaper then eth (to reward early backers). it will be 10million times more efficient then eth in the future... but just take that 10k. eth price divided by 10k. just calc it ;)

when mainnet is live. i think 5-10cents will be a reallistic price....just for the sake of hosting power/price calculation....

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Daily reminder that Holochain makes the entire cryptosphere obsolete

>groundbreaking code by the strictest code reviewer
>ethereum genesis wallet = vitalik a holder
>supported by the creators of netflix and mozilla
>brilliant QT Sami
>pajeets will all throw their money in with those tokenomics

HOLOCHAIN is going to completely run the show eoy with mainnet and binance.

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