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Why don't you have 10k in doge?

You're going to regret not buying when it hits $1 a few years from now.

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I'm in

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Falling knife? Yeah I catch that

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>tfw FOMOd at .25

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Psyops tongue my anus

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Psyop suck my dick

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Fuck you newfag. You don't deserve to live a timeline where we have decentralized cryptocurrency. You deserve a future where you can get confiscated all your asset for not eating fucking bugs.
I will never buy a CENTRALIZED CHINK COIN. No matter how it can go up. Either ETH is the future or I'm going to live like a monk

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You piece of shit have to go BACK. You will never make it, you will ever be a poorfaggot wageslave.
I've been on crypto since 2011 like many on this board for the pleasure of fucking kikes. I'd prefer to ride my ETH straight to 0 than buying a CENTRALIZED CHINK COIN. YOU HAVE TO GO BACK

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Whale here. I've had my fun but this coin is cooked. I'm gonna pull out now, see you on the next one.

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23.5 EUR

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My average was 144, I sold at 350 cause that was my strike.
I had 5580 shares, before I shorted from 300 down to my strike price at 110.
Then I rebought at 90.
I'm enjoying myself lads, this is a fun ride.

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Making money and shitposting with frens at the same time, what could be better? Welcome fren.
t. trading crypto and shitposting on /biz/ since 2016

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Watch this.

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Absolute state of you
Somebody buy this swingie a fuckin rope

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Yeah plus if they go full streaming a lot of their profits will dump because everyone can just pirate that shit instead of having to go to the theatre to watch it.

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Thanks, bought the dip. Guarantee you'll be underwater with your GME position for a lot longer than my silver position. (Hours versus eternity)

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>Hedgies, hedgies, oh so greedy.
>Using tactics ever so seedy.
>Trading short 'til prices drop?
>Well, Gamestop's on the chopping block.

>Hedgies, hedgies, isn't it strange?
>What's happening on the stock exchange?
>"What the hell", you scream and cry!
>"What could have them flying so high?"

>"Shouldn't this market be a bear?"
>"Who's buying all these stocks and shares?"
>Hedgies, hedgies, oh so pissed.
>You're shorting shares that don't exist.

>Reddit, /biz/, and normies, too.
>It seems your lies have been seen right through.
>They're buying in and holding fast,
>Your profit margins will never last.

>Hedgies, hedgies, can't you see,
>AMC and GME.
>Those stocks are pumping to the moon,
>And you'll be trading pennies soon.

>Hedgies, hedgies, it's the end of the week.
>Where are those cheapies that you seek?
>You'll have to buy them at the top!
>For this moon mission will never stop!

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flash sale

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If 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9, down to $100 EOD

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it's called a sale, buy the cheapies

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im not fucking selling, hedgie

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