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Are we headed for a pump or dump week?

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Bullish Times Newspaper is a decentralized newspaper.

Airdrop round 1 will be linked at 150 telegram members

website: https://bullish-times.com

telegram for airdrop @ BullishTimesNewspaper

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Anons how do I buy HBAR in Texas before they integrate with coinbase in April? This shit is going up and up and up at that time. Binance isn't available in Texas so I don't know what to do. Bittrex looks gay as fuck.

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Who is that nigress and why is my pp hard?

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Is casting bro around today?

Anyone know how well sand casting works with silver? Or how much it would cost to have a graphite mold made? I know the graphite only lasts for a limited number of pours.

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BTC and maybe ETH, I'd guess XML as well.

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>me trying to get a job doing

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Honestly bro should I get some ETH during this dip?
Will leave it on exchange for a straight cash out once it rebound.

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I applied for a job at Palantir. Apparently it's ridiculously hard to get in. If any of you fuckers get an offer in two weeks you better post it here.
Wish us luck.

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That LINK/BTC pairing is absolutely SCREAMING for a reversal

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oh, henlo

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For the fellas

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Yea and??

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Storage hasn't had its run yet and this murders any other competition hands down.
It's a fucking joke how undervalued it is at the moment, should be $5 per based on their storage plans.

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There used to be a girl that went to the same gym as me that had huge damage on the side of the old beat up car she drove. Big turn on. I hate when hot chicks show up in large brand new SUV's.

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Cum in...

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I made money on GME and AMC but not as much as I could have.
I broke even on BBBY because I held for one (1) day.

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>epic trader swag
I would bully you back in high school

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Literally me yesterday before deciding not to buy doge at 0.07c.

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Not really the best hodl but bao, rbc, dia. I'm okay losing all that money idgaf

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