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Says the poorfag...

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>be me
>discover personal finance
>buy books and loan to near all friends.

Not 1 single fucking friend will read one. But then talk about how they are going to invent the wheel and make billions.

Meanwhile poor broken wageslave me lives in a drafty shithole and drives 15 year old cars so i can invest and get rich.

Then once I retire every single mutherucker i know will be up my ass about "what to invest in."

And again.

I will hand them a goddamn book.

And again. They will not read it.

I have come to the comclusion that einstien was right. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is insanity.

Almost everyone i know is insane.

Example: the wife and i used credit cards to build credit. Got a little behind and descided to get a debt consolidation loan to take care of a few things.

While we did borrow more money the interest was so low that, extending our debt payments for a whole other year not only lowered our payments. But it also reduced the total that we would pay vs another several months at credit card interest.

So here i sit having come from 400s credit score to near 800. And i explain this to my buddy who was eager to learn how to reduce debt but not read a fucking book.

He and his wife do pretty much the same thing. With the same company.

Omfg anon so happy u saved us! This is amazing!! Save so much money and such a stress relief! We can take the kids to disney world in summer!

Not 3 weeks latter.

Pulls up to my house in a brand new dodge pickup.

>mfw i am not op but we are brothers.

Plase halp

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Truer words never spoken anon. Working on it tho.

>muh shitcoin
>muh pump and dump stocks

My fucking sides.

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