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Why didn't you go 20x long?

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>team owns 70% of the total supply
>team dumps large amounts of their tokens regularly
They’re just using this thing to make themselves rich and leave us poor. How is that not a scam?

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dump you cunt

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I am not even going to longpost this. If you really. HONESTLY. Still don't understand how fundamental Chainlink is to the future of Smart Contracts. Please post in here, I will help you understand. There are enough deecent enough neets on this board who still deserve it. Pick up your spoon, I will fucking feed you.

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Whats gonna happen in 2021 boys. Not talking about the price

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I literally wake up every day feeling glad that I sold this in time. As an Indian well built 6’2 man living in America, I grew tired of all the white people here generalizing an entire race.

I even warned many of you guys posting the chart top, and calling the end of the parabola. What many here don’t realize is that given my close connections to the LINK team, and living in Silicon Valley for almost half a decade, this entire move was a long term orchestrated pump and dump.

If you sold and made out like a bandit like me, congratulations. If you didn’t, which is the vast majority of you, good. Nothing makes me more glad that realizing that a bunch of racists will continually wake up every day seeing their bags dissolve into obscurity.

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first person to post their wallet will get 0.5 link

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When will Link have it's Ethereum run. I know it's going to at least $400 this run, but I'm not certain when. Any of you insider larpers have a timeline and a top end price for this run?

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I sold.

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What do u guys think about LINK today? I think that "sell the news" today will cause big drop in price, later a massive up trend caused by whales and back to solid price at 20$-25$. What is your opinion /biz/?

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where's the biz stream gonna be

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Give me back my money.

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1) Your value of LINK in USD
2) Explain what LINK does in one short sentence (no cheating).

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This is literally the bottom, last chance.

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this is now a link thread

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All memes aside, what is unironically the top for LINK?

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1. Register in Cayman
2. Create token with enormous supply
3. Sell tokens against existing project (earn 32 million in ETH).
4. Cash out the ETH (and cause the stop of an existing crypto bullrun..)
5. Develop a product with some engineers.
6. Literally buy support from MIT and marketing agencies
6. Keep ecosystem alive with created tokens (since there is no actual business demand).
7. Cash out often, causing the price to crumble.

You gotta give it to Sergey, actually convincing BIZ it's all about the Oracle problem while it's actually about normies keeping the valuation of tokens at a level that gives them a shit load of money created out of thin air.

The 'investors' are their business case not the smart contract business....

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Sorry guys i'm lazy biz retard who doesn't possess a significant amount of attention span to research this shit myself.

Why is chainlink bossing it right now? What sets it apart from shitcoin or ripple?

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It seems to be a whole mess around link. Some people say it already reached it's peak, while others think it will rise up to 100$ or even 1000$.
What to do? Is it worth the risk? Please give me the reasons so I can understand.

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