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>father died
>just found out that he left the family $500 to split three ways
>he spent money on all kinds of dumb shit instead of carrying his life insurance policy from work
It's astronomical how much he fucked up. Fucking boomers.

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You just lost the game.

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What is one thing you'd change about your past in a hard beet if given the chance?

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Who else missed the DeFi altseason?

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Feels both bad and good man. I've learned a ton since, this time I'm much better prepared, both in choosing my projects and realizing what pitfalls to avoid.

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Thanks for being concerned with my financial wellbeing in the past few days. I sold all my cryptocurrencies and will buy back in later at a safer price.

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there’s a conspiracy to keep you poor

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How do you ask for a raise

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Seems a bit unsafe and selfish

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But that's like your opinion man

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should i buy link now? bought some when it was $5

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Each day comes and goes and we get closer to death. The days have been flying by since I’ve started working, summer is over and kids are going back to school yet it feels like they were just released from school for the pandemic. Each day is the same as the last, nothing ever changes, nothing ever gets better.

I, and all of you, will die some day. Life is so short we’re all practically dead already.

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I regret putting any money into bitcoin but I'm also too stubborn to take it out and put it in something else

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why did you invest heavily into an experimental unaudited hackathon-tier crypto that was literally cobbled together in a couple days and untested

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>empathetic leader transformation specialist

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On the internet I act like a bigot racist sexist asshole and I troll people, yet in real life I treat everyone with respect. In interpersonal interactions I try to be kind and see everyone’s perspective.

Yet with normalfags, they preach all those values but don’t practice all of them. I don’t like going into work because all the normalfags like to have group gossip discussions about their latest target, but often I can see why the target acts the way they do. The normalfags love gossip and bullying and being absurdly mean to others, they love to complain about mundane things.

Why? Why do normalfags seem so evil? I can never figure this out, it’s really incredible to me that they will often lack any respect or humility towards those around them.

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Without replying to this thread, tell me how this image makes you feel regarding commodities and other digital assets such as cryptographically secure coins

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You know this is unsustainable, right?
You should sell now while you're in profit before you lose everything, every whale is taking this opportunity to sell.

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Anyone know where I can get a crypto tradingbot for free? How well do they fare against normal trading?

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>see thread talking about centric
>never heard of it before
>watch this video
>say it looks like a scam
>"The FUD on this project is bullish AF stay poor"

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The price only goes up

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