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>How do you get off the devil water

look into 100% fruit juice, i drink apple & eve, pick whatever flavor you like but the fruit punch is good shit, so is the cranberry. still get sweet stuff but no added sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, etc etc. i drink 1 glass of that and 1 glass of 1% milk a day with my lunch/dinner.

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-50%, put all my eggs in the AAPL puts. Tim's stock better drop like 10% tomorrow. Have another picture of zeal.

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Fuck this shit is boring the fuck out of me. I'm going to play that Chrono Trigger fan fiction I never got around to playing.


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Salmon teriyaki, seaweed salad and shumai. Everything is green. Green is good

The key is to buy and sell and sell. Sell more than you buy and you end up with more sales.

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I think that's awesome! My TBT is still upward channel, and fucking awesome. You don't need 100s or even 10s of great picks a year. Just one or two with resounding reasoning and the shrewd sense of knowing when to fold and admit you're wrong. We're all going to make it even if I would rather have a rope for my self than this 14% gain on my TBT today.

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