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Lol same, DHT as well

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My grandmother gave me a car last year. The will has been written out that her four children plus me (my grandparents raised me) would get 20%. My grandmother wanted to give the car away while she was alive. She offered it to me. I didnt get the title for a while, giving her a chance to change her mind. Even when I had the title. I told her I would sign it over to her if she wanted it back. She signed the title in like July. I have the title. The car is insured in my name. Its legally mine. When my power of attorney aunt heard about it she said that the worth of the car should be deducted from the will. She first claimed she has dementia. Which is a very vague thing to say. Dementia can be present for twenty years before someone dies. My grandmother offered me the car and gave a detailed reason for why she didnt want to give it to each daughter. I could see if my grandmother was like "what car, I dont have a car" but she wasnt like that. When I told her what my aunt said she was mad. I recorded a video of her saying that she wanted me to have the car and what she done with her stuff while she was alive was no ones business. My aunt then claimed that the will was already set and that's why it should be deducted. But the will is for dead people. Also the car didnt even exist in 2006. Just because a will was made doesnt mean that every asset from 2006 to now cant be touched. If my grandmother wanted to give away 50k to charity in 2011, that her business. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like my aunt is being greedy and jealous and I shouldn't worry about it. She is the executor of estate. Concerned she might try to screw me out of something. Take me to court

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This whole toilet paper shortage shit is code for for cash shortage according to this guy

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Hey, if you drop your ethereum address below, I'll give you zero exchange fees on all our tokens for life. Brand new dex, finds lowest price for buyers and highest price for sellers up till your order, so it's automatic order fulfillment. We have hundreds of tokens, soon to be thousands, if you want me to add one, let me know.




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>tfw just reached over 300GB on my SENT node

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Chuck me 1 mill bb or just enough so that i make it to 100k.


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How do I brap give me a stinky sample fellas..

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I want to start a business but I need ideas.... If I like your idea I will send you btc.

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