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>tfw sold at .8 for easy 1k
>will buy again when it dips to 0.01 because stock market's closed and doge will rise to 0.06 at some point

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>calling this dip "Buy"
>when the true dip was when it dropped to 7-9
you're in for a rude awakening

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>And this is coming from someone who has a Bachelor's in Psychology.

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42 chegged
Looks like he’s been reading the 42 threads

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Four fours too

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“The exact circumstances remain unclear but the senior member of staff was found dead in his office“

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I feel nothing when the price swings.
Up or down, I wasn’t planning on selling anyway.
On March 12th and 13th when it dumped I invested a few thousand dollars more. Worth it.

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About time you left

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Steve Ellis
Dude is low key but is a fundamental team member

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