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>So - for finding new projects - do you just aggregate news and sift through what looks promising? At the moment I use coinmarketcap to look for smallcaps and read whitepapers/look at the devs to try and glean the usefulness but that feels very inefficient as there are tons of coins listed on there.

your approach doesn't sound too bad to start with. just keep asking yourself how you could find more projects and find them earlier. where aren't other people looking, etc.

yes, the process of finding opportunities is going to be hard. you are going to have to wade through a lot of garbage. build your own tools to help you track them. anyone can use excel / google sheets.

hope this isn't too obvious, but you can evaluate potential projects in multiple passes; it doesn't have to be a depth-first dive into every project serially. come up with a system that makes sense to you. here, a random example:

say you have 20 new projects you heard about today or this week or whatever. do a super quick initial review of each crypto project, literally just 4-5 mins reviewing their site and noting its approximate properties in your tracking system. give it an initial impression score. (whatever that means to you, could be a combination of interesting tech and problem, the community looks pretty nerdy, you skimmed the github for 20 seconds and it looks like they have some decent code [if you can assess that], the market cap is small, their website doesn't scream bullshit. maybe that's a 4/5 initial impression.) you can probably do that for your 20 new projects in about 1-2 hours. for the deeper review, start with the ones with the highest initial score. you might never even choose to evaluate most of the 1s and 2s.

just throwing out examples here. i probably shouldn't be getting so low-level because i'm not trying to say exactly what you should do. the point is to think about what you're trying to do and develop your own process.

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