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he's not a bot, he's just a based schizo

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>42 lp holders

Even the fud is bullish. Also there's nearly 700 holders

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Jesus I just went to his twitter to check out the article and it says it was posted exactly 42 minutes ago. Its too much

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>God, I hate schizos
your brain is thoroughly washed

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>is there a coordinated attack going on against 42? bunch of fucking fags.... keep up the fight 42 and fuck Simeon
Look how comfortable they get when I leave for 5 minutes

>Looks like you're actually being drained my friend.

We know who it is;

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imagine it was possible to become something like a living breathing "quantum computer"

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>Also welcome back 42
good to be back, I'm not just a doctor, I'm a man, I have needs and desires....

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but here's the actual sauce

remember the riddle?
the answer was

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>when a bird casts shadow on you.

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>what are the odds

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Sergey's timeslot is 4:15PM EST May 8th

Greatly appreciated if someone here is able to show the livestream. It should be solid. Yorke Rhodes from Microsoft and John Wolpert are speaking a couple hours before him too.

We are all going to make it. Ian Kleane on the 13th the day after the Halving. Microsoft plug-in to use Chainlink oracles in Microsoft Office, Oracle integration planned in Q3.

This is just off the top of my head. Tons of news slowly coming out the rest of this year!

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decides to check halving countdown randomly

4 days 20 hours based 42

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>the next day was the google pump

>42pill me pls im a new fren

>the time is with the month of winter solstice
>when the change is due to come
>thunder in the other course of heaven
>things cannot be destroyed once and for all

>A movement is accomplished in 6 stages
>And the 7th brings return.
>For 7 is the number of the young light
>It forms when darkness is increased by one.
>Change returns success
>Going and coming without error.
>Action brings good fortune.


Chapter 24 || 42

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Its called speculation. Based on past performance, currents events unfolding like today's news, and the future timeline I'm aware of a 33x is a conservative estimate honestly. Its my best educated guess breaking triple digits is possible once things are actually up and running.

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As far as the past goes there was usually a solid pump leading up to the event, and then a dump generally right after within a few days. It crabs for a bit and then within a few months we see the start of a parabolic rise in price. Of course past results aren't indicative of future results yada yada.

Things to note this time.

-Each halving event has given less multiples of exponential growth after.
-The parabolic growth came faster in the past as the reduction was much larger and affected circulating supply greater. Most of the BTC in existence has been mined now compared to the previous events.
-BTC will finally be under the inflation rate of USD. (I suspect USD's actual inflation rate is much higher than we are told it is though)
-We are in economic turmoil supposedly the time to shine for crypto or a new paradigm, BTC came about not much long after the housing crash in 08'-09'
-Institutional use of blockchain is taking hold and should be fully implemented by 2022. (LINK+ETH+Hyperledger etc If you aren't a mongoloid you have been following the crumbs and research. You have to read between the lines a bit)
-Central banks around the world are creating their own digital currencies on the blockchain and are introducing/passing legislation

I suspect LINK will lead the next bullrun and have a parabolic rise over the next 8 to 12 months, and then dip a bit. BTC will then finally see the effects of the halving and go on its run pulling up the rest of the market with it into half way through 2022. This run won't be nearly as sudden imo it will be long drawn out steady gains for quite some time. (Other performers will still see 1000x though most likely) By the time it ends we will already be close to the next halving event as well 18 months or so.

Thoughts input etc

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LINK is the last obvious 1000x based on institutional interest and token economics. Its also the next step in blockchain technology. BTC was decentralized trustless peer to peer currency, then came ETH as decentralized trustless blockchain platform for smart contracts. Finally, Chainlink is the decentralized trustless oracle network bridging the gap between legacy technology and blockchain.

If I were you I would be dollar cost averaging as much as possible right now. If you are lucky you can get around a 2.25 to 2.50 basis level. It will take you longer to "make it" but its as close as we are getting to a sure things without already experiencing a 1000x or higher. If you truly don't understand the what you are buying though you will sell too early. Once you truly understand you will likely never sell and live off of staking. I currently have my main stack and live off of swing futures in the short term. It scares me more to sell my willy wonka ticket than it does to see my networth drop 20K in a month. I literally will never sell but I've also been here since the beginning.

If you are risk adverse don't go all in and just buy BTC, ETH, LINK, Tezo, and Linkpool. I'm working on getting .25-.5 LP right now devising what my buy in points as we speak. I'm running out of time though. Something like 90/10 or 85/15 LINK/Linkpool is the most god tier portfolio there is right now imo.

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This shit is hilarious, and you know what?!


About 2 weeks ago in a thread we were discussing the meme magic and how Trump, Ivanka, Melania, and a few others had been using the tag, "We are all in this together." Per usual, everyone told us to take our meds etc, and then someone suggested that if Trump says "We are all going to make it.", then we'd know for sure they are using our collective consciousness meme powers. Well he used the inverse ironically, which he can't say we are all going to make it yet, because unfortunately a lot won't from Corona. This timeline is ridiculous.

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