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>I am new to 0xbtc and wasn't around for the large pump, but way I see it, eth needs a store of value in the ecosystem since eth is not good at that. I think just calling this coin a scam or a pnd is short sighted. Sure its not bitcoin, nothing is but this is fairly distributed. You actually have to use electricity. Unlike all the icos and all coins with centralized creators. It may never be valuable, or it may be very valuable. The fact is none of us know the future. Imo it at these prices it is well worth the risk/reward just in case it does turn into something big.

you get it.

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>frankly, though, you didn't offer much advice outside of get involved with projects and buy based on tech.

i gave a high level overview with enough low-level pointers for a person to get off the wrong path and start down the right path. that is the only advice worth receiving. anything overly specific is not a system.

>just so you know, other people exist on /biz/. swinging can also be lucrative if you understand charts

sorry, we'll have to disagree.

a couple of the most important books i read back in the day on markets:

- fooled by randomness [excellent]
- black swan
- a random walk down wall street

these books completely disabused me of the delusion that swing trading and technical analysis can be any kind of correct. those who seem successful at it are a biased survivorship who have been lucky not to blow up .. yet.

the only sustainable way to make money at TA and swing trading is to sell courses on it.

the productive path in crypto is the one i outlined: help build useful stuff for the world, get a piece of the future.

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