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You sound sad and pathetic.
I bet you can find a girl to have sex with if you take the cock out of your ass.

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Sounds very deterministic.

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I unironically think so. Both Jupiter and Saturn are part of four planets that make a kite in Chainlink’s natal chart. Jupiter (the planet of “expansion”) is at the apex. Saturn Jupiter conjunction in December will also square Uranus. Interestingly, Saturn and Uranus have a strong relationship in both bitcoin (opposition) and chainlink (trine) chart.

So now we have the death and destruction of Saturn + Pluto taking precedence, but soon the planets of knowledge/expansion (Jupiter) and change/revolution/innovation (Uranus) will be playing a major role later this year.

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His shirt was 42



All a coincidence

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How will Pluto conjunct Saturn and then Jupiter conjunct Saturn affect the crypto currency space? Also: the Jupiter Saturn conjunction will square Uranus in Taurus.

Both Bitcoin and Chainlink have a strong Saturn-Uranus aspect in their charts. Chainlink has a strong Jupiter (apex in a kite).

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I measure my net worth in link tokens, not (((fiat))) funny money. You should too

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Chainlink Astological Analysis:

First we have sun in last decent of Virgo which indicates "crystalisation". This dream bears the title "Lord of Wealth". Additionally, you have the ascendant on the cusp of Pisces and Aries, which is the spring equinox suggesting a revolutionary and or powerfully transformative energy. The chart also exhibits a very strong Jupiter in Libra suggesting law, order, and matters of money generally. Also there is a notion of social contract implied by the Jupiter aspect.

The Jupiter opposition to Uranus to me emphasises revolution. It is significant that this chart contains an aspect between outer planets. There is real potential for upheaval. The moon here in Leo is weak suggesting that this is primarily a solar current. The chart is vitally simple, with the opposition of Jupiter dominating. The houses are aligned with their signs precisely and we thus have a very generative and auspicious arrangement. Chainlink is the new Law. Chainlink is the new Aeon of capital.


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