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So my papa messaged me today and I must have impressed him when I talked his ear off about stonks and options during our snowmobile trip. He messaged me saying he is planning on loaning me a grand in a few months to try and make some money with. Very cool, I am a little nervous because I'm okay with losing my own money (which hasn't happened yet) but $1000 is a lot of dinero to me. Thinking about dumping it SOXL or some similar ETFs when I get it. Until then I'll keep adding to my own account and keep playing around, try to learn some lessons. Very scary today, the first day I started very negatively, but I sold my share of AMD so I got to keep some of my profits from that, bought more TMDX by DCA throughout the day and I'm very confident in that position. We shall see, I feel like it could be my first big mistake but the shill seems trustworthy, and my gut says it makes sense.

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