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Not true, we have plenty of mints issuing a lot of coins. No, it's simply the resellers being absolute greedy kikes. I phoned one recently to have an explanation and his only excuse was
>Sir, the demand is still extremely strong.
translation : we put the price we want, ppl still continue to buy.
Reality is EU boomers are fucking clueless about the comex, spot, LMBA and other shenanigans. They simply go to a store, see silver, buy it. They don't even try to think if they overpaid or not. So the LCS profit from their ignorance. But for the ones like us who did their DD it's truly painful to have to witness such a scam.

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Indeed, it is artificial, since it's a tyrannical takeover from globohomo to enslave and exterminate 90% of humanity via mass sterilization.
I can't believe stoopid boomers still believe governments will willingfully stop lockdowns all of a sudden. The powertripping politikikes got a taste of absolute power with no consequences, who is retarded enough to believe they will let it go for free?
When was the last time in human history a power structure abandonned their power without a fight?
Reality is unless there is a bloody revolution, never ever the coof tyranny will go away. (((They))) wont hesitate a single minute to throw under the bus all the cops and military they have at their disposal against the people simply to continue to enjoy having their powerboner.

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Speed up you lazy snownigger, you still didn't even prepare my order after 10 days?? Stop drinking vodka and pack my shit up already!

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I love to mock xrpeepee but tbdesu i hold some shit stonks who tank way faster than your shitcoin ATM.
>mfw down -30% on XL in barely 2 days of holding this nigger green shit boomer stonk

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Wtf is going on today?
10mn ago everything in my PF was in the green and now i'm blood fucking red everywhere....

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why didnt i do thjis

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Yeah i know fren, but i already have a decent stack of silver coins in case of doomdoom, now i wanna make some money before the ponzi collapse. Fed up being an absolute poorfag with holes in socks and smelly underwears.

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No, i was trusting rabbibros to manipulate the price downward until dec. deliveries.
Fucking kikes, they can't even be consistent with their scammery.

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I'm already in the red, i can't sell in the red, by principle.

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strike us incels down and we will become more powerful than you can imagine

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we need to cleanse the earth from this diabolic talmudic brood.
Daily reminder the lurianic kabbalah clearly request the total annihilation of all whites, and that the tikkun olam, "the healing of the world" and the coming of the messhiah, incarnating Ain Soph, can't happen until all white goyim are killed.
Their satanic prophecy literally ask the jews to genocide us in order to unfold.

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>tfw lost 3 dollars trying to swing today

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god damn i wish i knew how to go find stuff like that

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let it pile up in the spare bedroom upstairs

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The virus is real but almost harmless, all the shitshow around it is a fucking talmudic hoax to steal the last bits of freedom we still had and make us in total goylem slaves.
We are living the final implementation of the NWO. Kikes have been waiting for this since millenias. It's unironically game over unless Jesus come to save our asses or something.

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wtf i clicked the link and all my ETH transformed into XPR

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you said it could onoly go up

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They are praised as living gods in the boomer rocks community and are jewtube's rockstars while being both mega multimillionaires and having personal stacks dwarfing all of pmg combinated. And you are SAD for them? But anon, they pity you, we are like little ants to them. Be sad for yourself before being sad for them...

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stop posting these. we saw them last night

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>$26+ spot is now considered the new dip, meaning $29/30 physical
>mfw i used to have a $16/oz physical average when stacking in 2018/19
i want to go back frens...

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Y-You're a normie.

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I feel like shit, all miners i bought shares of are tanking super hard...

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im alredy all in

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I'm unironically a very big brain frog, but i'm also a pure autist, and i can't grasp simple tasks like this. I JUST NEED SOMEONE TO SHOW ME REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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