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fuckin checked

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Checked and witnessed.

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if this post ends in dubs RIG will hit $5 next week

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I'm gonna try to test RSA-896 with this:

Let's see how it goes frens.

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Once you have tasted crypto, there is going back to stocks

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Welcome to /pmg/ fren. Enjoy your stay. Dw, it's like in the Matrix when cypher look at the screen and Neo ask him how can he read through this
>"Oh that? You get used to it, i don't see any shills, fudding kikes or bots going mental anymore, all i see is gold&silver stacks, a bright future and frens"

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Legit question and sorry if I sound like a boomer. But if quantum computers are so powerful then why aren’t they being used for crypto mining? If they are being used then how does that affect the blockchain tech that was based off standard computing?

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I'm holding GRST and don't have any more money to buy DGTW

Thank you for the gains today at least, friend

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Nope every poster in this thread is just me replying to myself while running multiple VPNs at once.

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Every single IP you see in this thread is just me resetting my router.

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73% ltc, 12,5% btc, 13,7% at usdt (dunno what to buy with it)

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I have 500 dollarinos on Binance and I will not do my own research. Please tell me what do I buyerino, oogely moogely

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So is xlm going to 1 dollar by eom? You bet it is

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When is the bottom after 24 hrs faggot? Stay poor

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>what are the chances of them jewing the report too
Checked and witnessed

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Dip in Sashimi, buy in for a nice 1.5x in the next day, good project


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diy investing follows. he predicted the big xrp pump well ahead of time. that impressed me, he knows better than i, so off i go. i'm 74k
also the romanian lady is known, mentioned on yahoo and other bits come up after a q uick google search. it seems legit my fren

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also should i buy NOK?

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thanks fren
it's early though

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sweet nigger anon, even at its price right now I'm still up 20x
the difference between you and me + >>27976434 is that we like making money, and you are a faggot

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grtchads we're gonna make it

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